From sample to answer, comprehensive solutions for analysis from cfDNA and CTCs

Whether you are looking at multiple targets or just a few, our next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions combine the power of Ion Torrent™ technology with advanced isolation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs); manual or automated extraction of cell-free DNA (cfDNA); relevant, targeted NGS assays; and digital PCR tools. Together, these solutions enable you to better understand the molecular profile of a tumor using research samples derived from blood.

Enabling access to tumor biology

 “What’s in the blood is actually what’s relevant. One could argue it’s not the overall tumor composition that we really want. We want the biologically relevant population. How do we define that? If that’s in the blood, that’s what we should be sampling—it’s that global representation of tumor biology that we need.”

—Minetta Liu, MD
Associate Professor of Oncology, Mayo Clinic

Liquid biopsy applications

Cell-free DNA applications

Target primary driver and resistance mutations from cfDNA.

Enrich the cfDNA you have, using higher and lower input volumes with both manual and automated workflows.

Detect and quantify rare mutations at frequencies as low as 0.1%.

Other applications

Understand tumor heterogeneity with concurrent analysis of CTCs and cfDNA from a single sample.

Trust your results with simple, affordable absolute quantitation.

Isolate, characterize, and analyze RNA and protein content from living cancer cells.

Videos to get you started

Looking at tumor evolution with cfDNA

Professor José Luis Costa, PhD, IPATIMUP, discusses use of cfDNA to detect rare mutations in lung cancer research blood samples. 

Tracking mutations in cfDNA and CTCs

Luca Quagliata, MD, University Hospital, Basel, Switzerland, talks about his research tracking mutations in metastatic prostate cancer samples using cfDNA and CTCs.

What is cell-free DNA (cfDNA)?

It’s time to start thinking about using blood samples in your cancer research. This installment of our #SeqItOut series addresses input amount, DNA yield, and expected performance from a targeted NGS assay.

Webinars to get you thinking

A multi-center lung cancer cell-free DNA study

  • Dr. Nicola Normanno presents the results of an international multi-center study
  • Focus on tumor heterogeneity and evolution that could change treatment decisions in the future

Mutation analysis of cfDNA in a lung tumor

  • Dr. José Luis Costa presents data obtained running cfDNA from plasma samples on the Ion S5 System
  • Focus on expected results from a research study monitoring a lung tumor

EGFR mutation monitoring in blood samples

  • Dr. Bea Bellosillo presents findings from monitoring non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) samples using digital PCR
  • Focus on mutation detection in circulating cell-free tumor DNA and tracking of tumor dynamics