Curated knowledgebase and reporting to support decision making for clinical cancer research

Oncomine Reporter produces clear and concise reports customized to support cancer researchers and pathologists to make informed clinical cancer research decisions by summarizing relevant biomarkers with information from public sources about targeted therapies, guidelines, and global clinical trials.

With global information aggregated, this curated knowledgebase and reporting tool simplifies your workflow by providing context relevant linkage to biomarker-associated therapy labels, guidelines, and clinical trials filtered by geographic location.

A curated knowledgebase

Sample-specific information: software that delivers a sample-specific view of data in a concise and customized report

Control your turnaround time: to your specifications, on your timeline, complete in three steps

High-quality data: two independent reviewers scrutinize data for context, categorization, and concordance to help ensure your reports are consistent and standardized

Data for informed research decisions

The breadth of information and data provided in the knowledgebase combined with the specific biomarker and geographic location information helps transform data into informed cancer research decisions.

This knowledgebase and software were developed to be both customizable and user friendly. With Oncomine Reporter your lab can produce clear and concise reports with significant biomarkers summarized and sample-specific information, with or without sections detailing the next level of information. Oncomine Reporter generates integrated custom reports with relevant annotations for the molecular biomarkers identified using the NGS and cytogenetics assays.

Gather, evaluate, standardize, analyze, inform, repeat = curate

Additionally, the data are meticulously curated and updated monthly. After data are collected from various global data sources, a team of expert curation scientists manually reviews all candidate evidence. Two independent reviewers examine each piece of candidate evidence for context and standardization. The process has QC steps built-in at various stages. All approved evidence is then stored in a structured manner in a knowledgebase that serves to support reporting in Oncomine Reporter.

There are two options for obtaining Oncomine Reporter. The web-based Oncomine Reporter, available via Thermo Fisher Connect, enables a secure, scalable analysis platform with a pay-as-you-go reporting structure. Alternatively, the local server edition of Oncomine Reporter is available for those who are in a highly regulated environment or who run high quantities of reports. Learn more about the Local Server Edition from one of our knowledgeable staff members:

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