Cancer Vaccine Development Research

Comprehensive solutions to support cancer vaccine research from genomic biomarker tools to protein expression services

Cancer vaccines represent an important immuno-oncology research area aimed at enabling the immune system to recognize cancer as a threat (Figure 1). This method is antigen-based, relying on the ability of the immune system to recognize the protein to induce the immune response. Cancer vaccine research is rapidly evolving due to the potential behind combination therapies and personalized approaches. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers solutions to support cancer vaccine research from genomic biomarker discovery and verification to antibody production services.

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Genomic biomarker discovery and verification

Use microarray-based whole-genome copy number assays to detect a wide variety of somatic copy number aberrations including ploidy and chromothripsis.

NGS based assays for the assessment of tumor mutational burden (TMB)

Gene synthesis services

Leverage industry-leading gene synthesis services, optimized protein expression services, or outsource the entire process of protein and cell line production with GeneArt services.


Discover tools and reagents needed for protein engineering.

Proteomic biomarker discovery and verification


Search our extensive portfolio of antibodies to key checkpoint markers, including:

Quantitative protein analysis

We offer quality Invitrogen immunoassays designed to help you easily quantify checkpoint protein biomarkers with confidence.

Singleplex quantitation of proteomic biomarkers

  • Validated ELISA kits—complete and ready to use, designed to enable accurate protein quantitation of immune-related cancer targets. We also offer simplified workflow and high-sensitivity options.
  • Robust, reliable microplate readers—from the original inventors of microplate readers, choose from a lineup of tried and true Thermo Scientific dedicated and multimode readers, all powered by the same intuitive SkanIt Software.
  • ProQuantum Immunoassays—when working with very limited samples, this unique platform offers high-sensitivity with a streamlined workflow, available with popular targets used in I/O research.

Multiplex quantitation of proteomic biomarkers

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.