Cell tracking citations

Researchers use a variety of methods for tracking and monitoring cell behavior in vivo.  Labeling with QTracker probes provides monitoring of individual cells for several generations – with a choice of bright signal options to multiplex with QTracker vascular tracers.  See for yourself below. This recent citation list contains publications showing a variety of cell tracking methods using both fluorescent dyes and Qdot probes.

  1. Gibson, VB. et al., (2012) A novel method to allow noninvasive, longitudinal imaging of the murine immune system in vivo.  Blood; 119: 2545-2551
  2. Krohne, TU. Et al., (2012) Generation of Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells from Small Molecules and OCT4 Reprogrammed Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.  Stem Cells Translational Medicine; 1: 96 –109
  3. Mkrtichyan, M. et al., (2012) B7-DC-Ig Enhances Vaccine Effect by a Novel Mechanism Dependent on PD-1 Expression Level on T Cell Subsets.  The Journal of Immunology, 189:2238-2347.
  4. Ezzat, T. et al., (2012) Dynamic tracking of stem cells in an acute liver failure model.  World J Gastroenterol ; 18(6): 507-516
  5. Yoshikazu, H. et al., (2012) Inhibition of Stabilin-2 elevates circulating hyaluronic acid levels and prevents tumor metastasis.  PNAS; 109(11): 4263-4268
  6. Pasquier, J. et al., (2012)  Different Modalities of Intercellular Membrane Exchanges Mediate Cell-to-cell P-glycoprotein Transfers in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells.  The Journal of Biological Chemistry; 287(10): 7374-7387
  7. Ramsay, AG. et al., (2012) Multiple inhibitory ligands induce impaired T-cell immunologic synapse function in chronic lymphocytic leukemia that can be blocked with lenalidomide: establishing a reversible immune evasion mechanism in human cancer.  Blood; 120:  1412-1421
  8. Desroches, BR. Et al., (2012) Functional scaffold-free 3-D cardiac microtissues: a novel model for the investigation of heart cells.  Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol; 302: H2031–H2042

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