What is cell expansion and isolation with Dynabeads?

The gentle Dynabeads tube-based cell separation is the technology of choice when you need high yields of pure, viable and functional cells. Combine with our cellular analysis products to easily isolate and characterize any cell type.

State-of-the-art Dynabeads activation and expansion technology mimics in vivoT cell activation available for human & mouse basic research as well as clinical research settings. 

Cell isolation

Dynabeads cell isolation can be used with mouse cells, human cells, or cells from other species.
Dynabeads and MagniSort beads enable positive isolation, negative isolation, and cell depletion.

Cell activation & expansion

Physiological and highly reproducible T cell activation and expansion of human and mouse cells. For basic research and pre-clinical application of cell expansion and activation.

Cell expansion products for clinical research

The market leading products for T cell expansion in clinical and translational research.

Cell isolation & expansion videos

The Two Worlds of Cell Isolation

An entertaining and useful explanation of the differences between the micro- and nano-particle techniques used for cell isolation / cell separation.

Miltenyi nanoparticles are retained by T cells, after 72hr incubation

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.