cell viability, proliferation, and function  

We offer a diverse selection of assays and antibodies for the analysis of apoptosis, cell cycle and DNA repair, cell viability and vitality, proliferation, migration, adhesion, chemotaxis, endo- and exocytosis, and angiogenesis. Many of the assays are fluorescence- or colorimetric-based, offering sensitivity and convenience. These products have been validated on multiple instrument platforms including microscopy, flow cytometry, microplate reader, and high content screening.



We offer antibodies, proteins, and assay kits for the study of blood vessel growth through the processes of angiogenesis and vasculogenesis.



Assays and antibodies for characterizing programmed cell death including determining which cells are apoptotic, live, and necrotic.



Assays to monitor the progression of autophagy as cells digest damaged or defective molecules or devour existing proteins and organelles to generate key nutrients for survival.

Cell cycle

Cell Cycle

Products and platforms to monitor the cell cycle include antibodies, tools for flow cytometry, cell dyes, stains fluorescent proteins for imaging and microplate analysis.

Cell metabolism

Cell Metabolism

We have a diverse array of platforms and products for studying cell function and metabolic processes. Metabolic activity measurement is also used as a metric for cell viability or proliferation.

Cell proliferation

Cell Proliferation

A wide selection of validated products to measure cell proliferation by techniques including metabolic activity, tracking DNA content, or new DNA synthesis.

Cell tracking and tracing

Cell Adhesion

Cell movement that occurs during processes like angiogenesis, metastasis or lymphocyte extravasation can be studied using fluorescent cell stains, and antibodies to target proteins critical to these processes.

Cell viability

Cell Viability & Cytotoxicity

Complete solutions for easy, sensitive determination of cell viability and compound cytotoxicity.  These products include imaging, microplate and flow cytometry assays.



Cytotoxicity can be monitored using assays that measure changes in viability, proliferation, mitochondrial function, phospholipidosis/steatosis, DNA damage, and cell cycle.

Ionic indicators and membrane potential

Ionic Homeostasis and Signaling

We offer a wide range of fluorescent dyes and probes including indicators for calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, pH and membrane potential.

Oxidative stress detection

Nitro-Oxidative Stress

We provide a variety of fluorescent tools to track different parameters in oxidative stress using platforms such as fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, or microplate analysis.

Phagocytosis, endocytosis, and receptor internalization

Endocytosis and Phagocytosis

We offer a wide range of products for exploring the processes of endocytosis, exocytosis, and phagocytosis using imaging, flow cytometry or microplate platforms.