Phospholipidosis and steatosis are toxic side effects of lipid metabolism that can be triggered by drugs or other compounds. Phospholipidosis is a lysosomal storage disorder associated with cationic amphiphilic drugs and characterized by the accumulation of excess phospholipid complexes within the internal lysosomal membranes. Steatosis is the abnormal retention of lipids within a cell due to impairment of the normal processes of synthesis and elimination of triglyceride fats.


HCS LipidTOX™ stains

HCS LipidTOX™ neutral lipid stains were developed for image-based high-content screening (HCS) assays to characterize the potentially toxic side effects of compounds on lipid metabolism in mammalian cell lines. The LipidTOX™ assay series includes neutral lipid stains for fixed cells and phospholipid stains for live cells, which can be combined in multiplexed assays.

 HCS LipidTOX™ Stains
Lipid vesicles in bone marrow—derived hMSCs visualized with LipidTOX™ Green neutral lipid stain and counterstained with Hoechst 33342.

Selection guides for HCS LipidTOX™ stains

ReadoutHigh affinity for neutral lipid droplets in fixed cells
Common filter setCy®5Texas Red®FITC
ReporterLipidTOX™ Deep Red neutral lipid stainLipidTOX™ Red neutral lipid stainLipidTOX™ Green neutral lipid stain
Ex/Em (nm)637/655577/609495/505
Live-cell compatibleNo
Added to growth mediaNo
Formaldehyde fixableCells labeled after fixation
MultiplexingCan be multiplexed with phospholipidosis detection reagents
(see tables below)
PlatformImaging, HCS
Format125 μL (1,200 assays for steatosis/240 assays for adipogenesis)
Cat. No. H34477H34476H34475
ReadoutKit for the sequential analysis of phospholipidosis and steatosis
Common filter setTexas Red®FITC
ReporterLipidTOX™ Red phospholipid stainLipidTOX™ Green neutral lipid stain
Ex/Em (nm)595/615495/505
Live-cell compatibleYesNo
Added to growth mediaYesNo
Formaldehyde fixableYesLabeled after fixation
MultiplexingCombination assay kit for HCS
PlatformImaging, HCS
Format2 plates/240 assays10 plates/1,200 assays
Cat. No.H34157H34158
ReadoutLabels phospholipid accumulation after incubation with live cells
Common filter setFITCTexas Red®
ReporterLipidTOX™ Green phospholipid stainLipidTOX™ Red phospholipid stain
Ex/Em (nm)495/525595/615
Live-cell compatibleYes
Added to growth mediaYes
Formaldehyde fixableYes
MultiplexingCan be multiplexed with neutral lipid stains (see table above)
PlatformImaging, HCS
Format125 μL (1,200 assays)
Cat. No.H34350H34351