Queensland University of Technology adopts EVOS M5000 Imaging Systems

EVOS customer quotes

Researchers use EVOS Cell Imaging Systems in their labs every day. Here's what some of our users have to say:

“EVOS gives better-quality images, compared to a couple of other epifluorescence microscopes here at Yale. It has higher sensitivity and [is]…easier to use.”
—R Fan | Yale University

“Easy to train on, use, and get an immediate idea whether your experiment worked or not, even in cells still in culture.”
—K Sakamoto | University of Georgia

“The simplicity and intuitive setup makes EVOS ‘bullet-proof’ against misuse, work loss, and damage... EXTREMELY practical, portable, and reliable multi-purpose instrument.”
—F Naftolin | New York University

“EVOS is so FAST and easy to use... We are very pleased... An easy-to-use yet highly functional scope to meet virtually ALL our imaging needs.”
—E Min | National Jewish Health

“EVOS is so easy to use... it's very popular in the labs... We are very satisfied with the quality and extremely happy with the support from AMG.”
—C Guo | Oregon Health & Science University

“EVOS is my everyday bread and butter ... exceptionally versatile... uniquely balances ease of use and versatility... ingeniously implemented.”
—P Drain | University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“EVOS is easy to use and maintain... It provides quality images and allows us to take pictures easily... We like the microscope very much.”
—M Muench | Blood System Research Institute

“EVOS is convenient, easy to use, and provides us with very good-quality images... the graphical interface and the ability to instantly overlay images from different dyes is so easy!”
—V Lombardi | Whittemore Peterson Institute, University of Nevada

“EVOS brought convenience, ease, and agility to the work in the lab, increased the quality of images produced, and allowed a discussion among colleagues at the time of the experiment.”
—Milene Tavares Batista | University of São Paulo, Brazil

“Using the EVOS microscope has been a great experience. Clearly much thought has been placed into the design as well as the packaging. It has been a seamless experience from the moment we opened the box. The microscope is very intuitive and it did not take much for the lab personnel to become familiar with the scope and its controls. We were up and running and acquiring images within two days of receiving the scope. It was well worth the investment; the AMG team deserves much credit for a fantastic product.”
—Vincent Navarro | Weill Cornell Medical College