EVOS™ objectives

To obtain the publication-quality images you need, EVOS objectives are manufactured with highest-quality components to ensure your results stand out above the rest.

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Plan AchromatObjectives perfect for general applications; color and focus have standard correction
MagnificationNAWD (mm)Bright fieldPhaseLWDCCOilCat. No.
2x0.065.62   AMEP4931
4x0.1316.90  AMEP4632
4x0.1310.58  AMEP4932
10x0.257.45  AMEP4933
20x0.406.80  AMEP4634
20x0.406.92  AMEP4934
40x0.653.10  AMEP4635
40x0.652.74  AMEP4935
50x0.950.19  AMPFOP050
100x1.250.15  AMPFOP100
Plan FluoriteObjectives provide excellent resolution, resulting in brighter fluorescence signal and higher-contrast imaging; reduced optical aberrations; higher level of color and focus correction
MagnificationNAWD (mm)Bright fieldPhaseLWDCCOilCat. No.
4x0.1316.9  AMEP4680
4x0.1310.58  AMEP4980
4x0.1319.70   AMEP4622
4x0.1310.58   AMEP4922
10x0.308.30   AMEP4623
10x0.37.13    AMEP4923
10x0.257.13  AMEP4981
20x0.457.10   AMEP4624
20x0.502.50   AMEP4698
20x0.456.23    AMEP4924
20x0.456.12  AMEP4982
40x0.652.80   AMEP4625
40x0.651.79   AMEP4925
40x0.651.60  AMEP4683
40x0.651.79  AMEP4983
40x0.750.72    AMEP4699
40x1.300.2  AMEP4735
60x0.752.20   AMEP4626
60x0.751.28   AMEP4926
100x1.280.21  AMEP4696
Plan ApochromatObjectives with highest level of resolution, fluorescence brightness, contrast, and chromatic correction
MagnificationNAWD (mm)Bright fieldPhaseLWDCCOilCat. No.
1.25x0.045.11   AMEP4736
2x0.086.22   AMEP4751
4x0.1613   AMEP4752
10x0.403.10   AMEP4753
20x0.750.65   AMEP4734
40x0.950.18   AMEP4754
60x1.420.15  AMEP4694
100x1.400.13  AMEP4733

LWD = Long working distance; optimized for use through vessels with nominal wall thickness of 0.9–1.5 mm (slides, flasks, microtiter dishes, etc.)

CC = Coverslip corrected; optimized for use through #1.5 coverslips (approximately 0.17 mm thick). Have higher magnification-to-NA ratio and provide higher resolution compared to long working distance

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.