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Cell Imaging Station

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Designed to remove all of the inherent complexities of capturing and processing three color fluorescent cell images, the EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station allows even the most novice users to spend their precious time on analyzing data rather than worrying about the operation of a microscope.

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Meet EVOS FLoid
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See our gallery of beautiful images taken with the EVOS Floid Cell Imaging Station.

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Find the perfect dye using our comprehensive list of EVOS FLoid-compatible reagents.

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EVOS FLoid Virtual Demo

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Test drive the EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station interface* with this completely interactive virtual demo which allows the simulation of imaging a real cell, overlaying each color, and adjusting the brightness and contrast before printing.

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*The EVOS FLoid Virtual Demo requires an HTML5-enabled browser. Download the latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9

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About the EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station

Designed in collaboration with fluorescence microscopy users, the EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station captures high-quality, three-color fluorescent cell images right at your benchtop, with an interface that is so simple even novice users can collect data in just a few clicks of the mouse.


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  • Anyone can image
    EVOS FLoid's intuitive user interface allows novices and experts to generate fluorescence cell images in a snap.
  • Self-contained instrument
    No moving parts provides an insurance policy for your expensive confocal scopes allowing day to day use.
  • Protocols and reagent info preloaded
    The integrated Molecular Probes reagent selection guide with protocols helps you design and execute your cell imaging experiments.
  • Print image stickers directly from EVOS FLoid
    Print and stick captured images right in your notebook with the associated printer.
  • Image at your bench
    The instrument design blocks ambient light taking fluorescent cell imaging out of the darkroom and on your bench.

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