Physical Characteristics Instrument Type: Benchtop device for imaging cells
Instrument Dimensions: 15.9" (W) × 21.1" (H) × 13.9" (D)
40.4 cm (W) × 53.6 cm (H) × 35.3 cm (D)
Weight: 26 lbs (11.8 kg)
Operating Power: 100–240 VAC
Frequency: 50–60 Hz
Electrical input: 5 VDC, 4.15 A
Operating Temperature: 4–32°C
Operating Humidity: <90% (non-condensing)
Output Ports: 4 USB
Optics Objective: 20X plan fluorite;
Numerical aperture (NA): 0.45;
Working distance (WD): 5.9 mm (defined as the tip of the objective to the bottom of a 1.2-mm thick slide)
Overall Magnification: 460X (optical)–1840X (with digital zoom)
Display Resolution: 1366 × 768 pixels
Image Resolution: 1296 × 964 pixels
Contrast Methods: Fluorescence and transmitted light (relief phase)
Color Channels: 4 channels (relief phase, blue fluorescence, green fluorescence, red fluorescence)
Illumination: LED (50,000 hour life), adjustable intensity
Excitation: Blue channel: 390/40 nm; Green channel: 482/18 nm; Red channel: 586/15 nm
Emission: Blue channel: 446/33 nm; Green channel: 532/59 nm; Red channel: 646/68 nm
Stage to Condenser: 60 mm
Camera: Sony 1.3MP 1/3" ICX445 EXview HAD CCD
Hardware/Software Stage: Mechanical XY glide stage that can move within a 5 mm diameter circle
LCD monitor: 15-inch color; display resolution 1366 x 768 pixels; Image resolution 1296 x 964 pixels; adjustable tilt
Software: FLoid® Cell Imaging Station Software
Captured Images: 16-bit monochochrome TIFF, PNG, BMP and JPG; 1296 × 964 pixels
Supplied USB Drive: 2 Gigabyte