A broad array of channel options and confocal capabilities

Our HCS/HCA family of platforms includes options for laser or LED fluorescence illumination, widefield and brightfield modes, and confocal capabilities. Compare platforms to find the one that fits your research.

Which high-content screening platform is right for you?

All of our high-content screening platforms offer high-speed image acquisition, powerful image processing algorithms and unparalleled real-time analysis. Platforms feature more than 30 validated assays and options including live-cell imaging and in-depth life sciences analysis, including single-cell analysis capabilities. Choosing the platform that is right for you depends on your needs and applications.


Our high-content screening platforms support the full range of imaging needs including broad array of channel options and confocal capabilities. Browse the categories and specifications below, then link to your models of choice for more information.

Selection guide

CellInsight CX7 LZR Platform

CellInsight CX7 Platform CellInsight CX5 Platform
Superior High-Content Screening performance for lightning-fast discovery.  Incorporates both laser-based fluorescence illumination and Nipkow spinning-disc confocal technology to illuminate a broad range of samples from simple monolayers to thick spheroid, organoid and tissue samples. The CX7 LZR also offers on-the-fly phenotyping that enables parallel image capture and analysis for multiplexed cytometry measurements in real time.

The Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 High-Content Screening (HCS) Platform is an integrated LED system for all-around performance in screening and analysis. Use the entire fluorescence spectrum to optimize your assay and select either widefield or confocal optics for any channel. You also have 5-color brightfield options for colorimetric analysis of tissue sections. You can’t always predict what assays are coming next, but the CellInsight CX7 HCS Platform has you covered.


A benchtop automated widefield screening system for researchers looking to increase scale and capacity in everyday use. With the compact and powerful CellInsight CX5 High-Content Screening Platform you can read and analyze a 96-well plate in under four minutes. Designed for researchers looking to increase their screening throughput, the platform offers common excitation wavelengths for fluorescence and white light illumination for colorimetric samples. The system is ready for full automation with 96-, 384-, or 1,536-well plates, or you can analyze your tissue sections one slide at a time to work up your next assay.


Best option for

Ideal for high-throughput screening and 3D organoid and spheroid research involving thick specimens.

Ideal for multiplex biology, including time-lapse and live-cell imaging.

Ideal for researchers needing optics that deliver optimal assay sensitivity.


7 channels

7 channels

5 channels


7-color laser excitation

7-color LED excitation

color LED excitation


4 specific LED + white light for higher contrast imaging (5-color total)

4 specific LED + white light for higher contrast imaging (5-color total)



Nipkow spinning disk with 40 µm & 70 µm pinholes

Nipkow spinning disk with 40 µm & 70 µm pinholes





Laser and software

Laser and software


Microplate types

6 to 1,536 wells

Onboard real-time analysis software

HCS Studio 4.0 Cell Analysis Software, Amira Software option

EurekaScan Finder software




Z-stack acquisition


Amira Software compatibility    
yes yes yes
Microscope slides
yes yes yes
Live-cell and time-lapse imaging
Optional on-stage incubator with kinetic scheduling of acquisition and analysis. CO2 and N2 for hypoxia conditions available.
Store Express Image and Database Management Software Include: scalable SQL/Oracle database options available

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.