Keep your instrument up and running with a service plan

Maximize system uptime with fast repair turnaround time from certified field service engineers; reduce overall repair costs with remote instrument diagnosis and resolution; and extend the life of your system and keep it running at peak performance with annual service maintenance. Browse through the benefits of a service planon-site and off-site service plans, qualification services, standard and extended warranty, and education services.

Benefits of a service plan

Maximum system uptime with fast repair turnaround time from manufacturer-trained and certified field service engineers.

Reduce overall repair costs with remote instrument diagnosis and resolution.

Parts, labor, and travel or shipping included (in most plans).        

Digital service innovations such as mobile augmented-reality (AR) remote support technology, instrument-driven support, and on demand instrument training.

Extend the life of your system and keep it running at peak performance with annual service maintenance.

On-site and off-site service plans

On-site service plans

Customers can choose an on-site service plan in which we come to you. These plans include guaranteed response times in most regions, scheduled planned maintenance, and automatic software updates.


  AB Maintenance Plus AB Assurance AB Complete
Response time  3 business days* 2 business days** Next business day
Planned Maintenance
Access to technical support (Mon-Fri, standard business hours) X X X
Parts, labor, and travel 10% discount X X
Digital remote support X X X
Qualification service Available as add-on Available as add-on Post-PM requalification and critical repairs
Field applications scientist (FAS) consultation Available as add-on Available as add-on X

*After receipt of purchase order

**Availability limited in some geographic areas

Off-site service plans

Customers can choose an off-site service plan in which you send your instrument to us.

*Your instrument required and returned in ~3 weeks. Service plan without loan instrument also available

**Availability limited in some geographic areas

Qualification services

You can add qualification services to complement your service plan. Instrument hardware qualification for system include instrument qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) to document and verify that instruments are installed and operating according to manufacturer’s specifications.


Installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ) or instrument performance verification (IPV) services verify and document your instrument’s ability to meet manufacturer design specifications for performance.


IQ—provides documented evidence and verification that the instrument has been delivered and installed according to manufacturer’s specifications.


OQ—provides documented verification that the instrument subsystems are operating as designed. Verifies that the functionality of an instrument meets the manufacturer’s operational specifications.


PQ or IPV—provides documented verification that the instrument system can perform effectively and reproducibly within performance specifications. Helps ensure confidence in results by verifying that the accuracy and precision of an instrument is maintained.


Re-qualifications (OQ or OQ/PQ or OQ/IPV)—provide documented verification that the instrument continues to operate as specified by the manufacturer. Typically performed annually after an initial IQ, OQ, PQ, or IPV has been completed, or according to user’s SOP requirements.


* IQ: Instrument Qualification, OQ: Operational Qualification, PQ: Performance Qualification, IPV: Instrument Performance Verification.

Standard and extended warranty

During the 1-year system warranty period, all costs for travel shipping, labor, and parts for repairs are covered. Extended warranties, covering an extra year, are also available. When you purchase your instrument, check with your sales representative to see if an extended warranty package (including both instrument and warranty extension) is available. 

Education services

Cell Analysis Learning Center

The purpose of this learning center is to connect scientists (whether new or experienced) to our many resources for learning about cell analysis applications, techniques, and basic principles through a range of learning tools including guided learning experiences and eLearning courses.


Some learning center subtopics include: 

Cell imaging information

Cell viability and function information

Labeling and detection information

Cell analysis antibodies information

Cell imaging and analysis curriculum

Course offerings are designed to fit the needs of users at different experience levels. This includes courses that cover basic workflows from setup to data analysis. Whichever course plan you choose, you’ll learn from one of our over 300 highly skilled application scientists who will come up with a recommended plan that best meets your needs. Training sessions can be held at one of our training centers located worldwide, at your location, or online.


Hourly interactive online consulting by Thermo Fisher Scientific field application scientists (FAS) is also available.