High-content screening instrument

Automated imaging and analysis platforms

High-content screening (HCS) or high-content analysis (HCA) requires an instrument designed to extract the maximum information from your sample in a robust and reproducible manner with the speed for high-throughput analysis. 

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The entire Thermo Scientific portfolio of HCA instruments helps deliver on those parameters and includes:

  • Superior illumination—the LED light engine reduces intensity fluctuations and optical component wear, eliminates moving parts, and reduces both integration and channel switching times
  • Laser Based Illumination—The CellInsight CX7 LZR offers a more powerful and integrated way to develop and automate high content assays with 7-channel laser based illumination for fluorescent imaging
  • Precise image capture—the highly sensitive, 14-bit cooled X1 CCD camera with enlarged 2,208 x 2,208 pixel array captures quantitative data with high quantum efficiency across the spectrum
  • Rapid data analysis—Thermo Scientific HCS Studio software analyzes your images in real time, so that you collect all the data you need to make decisions that count
  • Reagent compatibility—Thermo Scientific HCS platforms build on the expertise of Molecular Probes in reagent development with exquisite fluorescent tools for interrogating the biology of the cell

Find the system that fits your laboratory

Why Thermo Scientific HCA Systems?

Since the founding of Cellomics in 1999 and the introduction of the ArrayScan Systems, over 900 peer-reviewed publications attest to a legacy of innovation in high-content analysis (HCA) that continues with the Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 LZR High-Content Platform. Thermo Fisher Scientific also incorporates the expertise of Molecular Probes labeling technologies in developing and manufacturing exquisite fluorescent tools for interrogating the biology of the cell.

Find applications in our extensive bibliography—from toxicology assays to cell phenotyping—that will validate your strategy and inform the next steps in your research. Download a section from one of the links below, or scan through the bibliography. Note that any reagents you select will have associated publications listed on their respective detail pages.

Download publication lists:

HeLa cells imaged using the CellInsight CX5

Rat cortical neuron image acquired using a Thermo Scientific ArrayScan system and stained with DAPI (blue), anti-MAP2 and Invitrogen Alexa Fluor 488 goat anti–mouse IgG (green), and anti-synaptophysin and Invitrogen Alexa Fluor 647 goat anti–rabbit IgG (red).

HeLa cells imaged using the CellInsight CX7 platform

HeLa cell image acquired using the Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 platform and stained with Invitrogen HCS NuclearMask Blue (blue), Invitrogen MitoTracker Orange (green), and Invitrogen Alexa Fluor 647 Phalloidin (red).


CHO cells stably expressing GFP-tagged GLUT4 acquired using a Thermo Scientific ArrayScan system. The movie shows trafficking of GLUT4 in intracellular vesicles from the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane and ruffling of the plasma membrane.

Which HCA system is right for you?


Compact screening system to scale up your throughput

photo of CellInsight CX5 HCS platform

CellInsight CX5 Platform

Integrated performance modes for screening and analysis

photo of CellInsight CX7 HCS platform

CellInsight CX7 Platform

Designed for confocal imaging and assay flexibility

photo of CellInsight CX7 HCS platform

CellInsight CX7 LZR Platform

Illumination 5 channels 7 channels 7 channels
Camera Photometrics X1 Camera with 4.54um/pixel
Widefield 5 channels 7 Color High Output LED 7 Color Laser Excitation
Brightfield White 4 specific LED + white light for higher contrast imaging
Confocal NA Spinning Disk 40um/70um
Objectives Single Position 2x-20x.
Additional Objectives Available
3-position turret
2x to 40x
3-position turret 2x-40x.
Additional Objectives Available
Focus Software Laser and software Laser and software
Live cell Optional HCA On-Stage Incubator with Kinetic scheduling of acquisition
Software HCA Studio 3.1 Cell Analysis Software. Optional client software available
Database STORE Express Image and Database Management Software Included, Scalable SQL/Oracle database options available