Expand research capabilities and automated function

Upgrade your Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ instrument by using modules to add liquid handling, brightfield, emission filter wheel, live cell, LED light engine, and plate loading robot capabilities.

ArrayScan™ Brightfield Module

Add the capability of transmitted light to perform multi-mode, label-free high-content analysis using Thermo Scientific™ Brightfield Module for ArrayScan™ instruments.

ArrayScan™ Confocal and Objective Module

Increase optical resolution to image multidimensional structures for clearer high-content imaging and analysis using this confocal module.

ArrayScan™ Emission Filter Wheel Module

Obtain clear, spectrally distinct images for high-content analysis by adding custom filters using this emission filter wheel module.

ArrayScan™ Liquid Handling Module

Add liquid handling and on-board pipetting capabilities to the Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ Readers using the Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ Liquid Handling Module.

ArrayScan™ Live Cell Module

Control temperature, carbon dioxide, and humidity levels to provide a tissue-culture, incubator-like environment for the imaging of live cells using this live cell module.

X1 Upgrade for ArrayScan™ VTI HCS Reader

Upgrade your ArrayScan™ VTI HCS Reader (600 and 700 series) with the new Photometrics™ X1 large field of view camera and computer.