Add the capability of transmitted light to perform multi-mode, label-free high content analysis using the Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ Brightfield Module for the Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ HCA Readers. The ArrayScan™ Brightfield Module is an affordable option that adds transmitted light to high content screening (HCS) experiments. It allows imaging for confirmation of cell density or fluorescent probe localization while avoiding destructive labeling techniques. Quantitate morphological features on images with or without fluorescent markers. The ArrayScan™ Brightfield Module has integrated software control to capture, focus, and analyze transmitted light images at single or multiple timepoints. Compatible with multiple plate types, cell lines and magnifications, the ArrayScan™ Brightfield Module can be used as an additional channel or on its own.

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  • Flexible transmitted light module permits imaging on multiple plate types, cell lines and magnifications
  • Color composites can be used to verify location of fluorescent targets within a cell or organism
  • Brightfield module is fully integrated with the ArrayScan™ HCA Reader software (Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ Software) enabling the capture, analysis, and visualization of transmitted light images interleaved with fluorescence images at single or multiple time points


Compatibility Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ HCA Readers
Voltage 115 V

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