image of microscopic view of stained cells with three different fluorescent colors  

Multidimensional high-content imaging and analysis

Increase optical resolution to image multidimensional structures for clearer high-content imaging and analysis using the Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ Confocal and Objective Module for Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ HCA Readers.

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Multidimensional structures can be imaged more clearly, yielding more detailed information and deeper understanding about biological change using the ArrayScan™ VTI/XTI HCA Readers and integrated CrEST™ X-Light™ Confocal Scan Head (Figure 1). Featuring the latest in high-speed Nipkow spinning disk technology and a variable pinhole, the ArrayScan™ Confocal and Objective Module enables finer control over image acquisition across a range of objectives (magnifications) in order to balance image quality and performance for the most demanding cell biology experiments; e.g., stem cell colonies, tissues, and 3D microenvironments.

Traditional confocal technology is only valuable at higher magnifications. However, the variable pinhole technology incorporated into X-Light™ Confocal Scan Head overcomes this limitation to bring the advantages of confocal imaging even at lower magnifications, which is ideal for tissues and complex morphologies such as angiogenic tubes, neurons, and stem cell colonies. Unlike other suppliers' systems, the X-Light™ Confocal Scan Heads are also integrated with our 4-color and 7-color LED Light Engines, bringing robust, laser-like performance without the complications and cost of lasers and the need for alignment of camera, confocal, and laser.

microscopic images of tissue samples showing better resolution of angiogenic tubes when the X-Light Confocal Scan Head is used  
Figure 1. Imaging angiogenic tubes. Tissue samples were imaged in the FITC Channel and two, 2 μm thick Z-slice images were captured for projection. Panel A shows a maximum projection using widefield imaging. Panel B shows a maximum projection using the X-Light™ Confocal Scan Head.


  • Flexibility in hardware—next-generation CARV disk with high-speed Nipkow design with 40 μm and 70 μm pinholes for low- and high-NA flexibility; dual patterned disk allows you to define different confocal resolutions depending on the sample type; the system also enables you to image widefield and confocal in one run
  • Simple—four-color or seven-color LED light engine for solid-state illumination; eliminate the need for frequent laser alignment; LED is designed to be more efficient at getting light to the sample compared to light bulb-based technology
  • Retrofittable—build upon your current ArrayScan™ VTI/XTI HCA Reader investment and add new functionality


(of ArrayScan™ HCA Reader including module)
Height: 50.8 cm (20.0 in)
Width: 96.8 cm (38.1 in)
Depth: 87.6 cm (34.5 in)
Pinholes 40 μm and 70 μm software switchable
Spinning disk 10,000 RPM Dual Patterned Nipkow Spinning Disk
Weight 41 kg (90 lb)

Product specifications sheet

ArrayScan™ Confocal and Objective Module selection guide

  4-Color LED Confocal and Objective Module 7-Color LED Confocal and Objective Module
Compatible with ArrayScan VTI/XTI Readers (600-800 series) with 5-color widefield LED/EXFO
Compatible with ArrayScan VTI/XTI Readers (600-800 series) with 7-color widefield LED  
Confocal LED colors (Ex/Em, in nm)
  • 386/440 (e.g., Hoechst®)
  • 485/524 (e.g., Alexa Fluor® 488)
  • 560/607 or 549/593 (e.g., Cy®3)
  • 650/692 or 650/700 (e.g., Cy®5)
  • 386/440 (e.g., Hoechst®)
  • 438/482 (e.g., ECFP)
  • 485/521 or 485/517 (e.g., Alexa Fluor® 488)
  • 485/542 (e.g., EYFP)
  • 549/607 (e.g., Cy®3)
  • 560/615 or 560/612 (e.g., mCherry)
  • 650/694 (e.g., Cy®5)
Notes 4-color confocal LED capable of imaging in the blue, green, red, and far red emission ranges; for the ArrayScan HCA Readers having an EXFO light source or 5-color widefield LED

7-color confocal LED capable of imaging in the blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange-red, scarlet, and far red emission ranges; for ArrayScan HCA Readers having 7-color widefield LED

Catalog # N010156 N010157
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