Obtain clear, spectrally distinct images for high content analysis by adding custom filters to Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ HCA Readers using Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ Emission Filter Wheel Module.

The Emission Filter Wheel Module for Thermo Scientific™ ArrayScan™ HCA Readers and suitable filters can discriminate the spectra of a fluorochrome better so that there can be more efficient use of specific wavelengths to label and image components of a cell.

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  • Automated specificity—Permits more flexibility in spectral combinations allowing for imaging of more custom fluorochromes. May reduce background and increase signal-to-noise when fitted with appropriate filters
  • Integrated—Integrated with software and validated for performance for simple setup and customization. Filter turret controlled from protocol software allowing automatic change during plate run
  • Rapid filter switching—Rapid turret movement with switching time of 300 ms between cubes

Key addressable assays

  • FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer)—FRET is when a donor color molecule (chromophore), in its excited state, can transfer some of its energy (the donor) to another chromophore resulting in a much brighter signal in the acceptor. It is used in studying protein-protein interactions.
  • Qdot® nanocrystals—Tiny semiconductor crystals that can be designed to excite and emit at very specific wavelengths. Cells and structures can be labeled with these and structure identified for analysis
  • Live cell applications —May be used with optical density filters to attenuate light to avoid phototoxicity whenever more spectral discrimination is needed


Compatibility Compatible with other ArrayScan™ Modules for increased functionality
Emission filter wheel Corresponding emission filters in the six position emission filter wheel to match the combination of one penta-band, one tri-band, one dual-band and two single band dichroics
Empty filter cube Additional cube supplied to use for custom filter combination

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ArrayScan™ Emission Filter Wheel Module 1 each N010119 Request a quote