photograph of fluorescent reagent standard tube and 96-well plate  

The need for monitoring and documenting the consistency of optical system performance relating to field illumination evenness has grown with the demand for production level image-based cell analysis tools. The Thermo Scientific™ OptiTracker II Optical Performance Monitoring Kit solution is a homogenous fluorescent reagent standard that monitors illumination evenness when used in conjunction with the automated illumination correction wizard on Thermo Scientific™ High Content Instruments.

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The reporting feature of the illumination correction function on the ArrayScan™ describes the uniformity of fluorescence across the image field in terms of the average pixel intensity. The OptiTracker Performance Monitoring Kit is a stable cocktail of fluorescent dyes that are active across the entire spectral defection range. Therefore, the performance of the entire optical train from light source to emission filter may be monitored according to a scheduled routine.


  • Ready-to-use, stable, homogenous fluorescent cocktail for illumination uniformity measurements
  • Reference plate can be stored and is stable for several months
  • Fluorescent in all optical channels for complete, on-demand optical train monitoring
  • Systems diagnostics wizard identifies potential data problems
  • Provides automated flat field correction that can be enabled by the user as needed

Illumination correction image acquisition report

  • Reporting feature describes the uniformity of fluorescence across the image field in terms of the % COV of the average pixel intensity
  • Performance of the filters is defined by the combination of exposure time and % Image Saturation
  • Performance of all combinations of objectives and filters are reported and are depicted above as Scan Numbers 1–4
  • Performance of the optical system is Passed or Failed with instructions on resolving problems that may exist

Kit contents

  • Optical protocol with plate recommendations
  • OptiTracker II Reagent Solution
  • Plate Seals
  • Plate Labels

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Thermo Scientific™ OptiTracker II Optical Performance Monitoring Kit
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