Photo of Onstage Incubator for CellInsight HCA Platforms

Enable live-cell imaging for CellInsight HCA platforms

The Invitrogen High-Content Analysis (HCA) Onstage Incubator is designed to add longer-term live-cell imaging capabilities to CellInsight high-content platforms*.

Observe biological processes as they happen

Extended imaging sessions rely on the provision of a controlled environment for the live cells under study. The Onstage Incubator allows precise control of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels so that you may observe and measure biological activity and changes over time. Data gathered from longer-term imaging studies are the basis of quantitative analysis studies, especially when combined with Thermo Scientific High-Content Screening (HCS) Studio Software for increased statistical power.

The Onstage Incubator features:

  • Capabilities that enable short-term and longer-term high-content experiments
  • Precise control of temperature, humidity, and CO2
  • The ability to generate multicolor movies
  • Scheduling software for kinetic and motility measurements
  • Robot compatibility for fixed-endpoint screens
Onstage Incubator for CellInsight HCA Platforms


Attribute Details
Compatible vessels Most optically clear multiwell plates
Temperature range Ambient to 40°C
CO2 range 0% to 20%
O2 range 0% to ambient
Humidity range >65% relative humidity (RH) at 37–40°C
Gas inputs Air or air/CO2 premix, CO2 only, and N2 only (max 50 psi input)
Dimensions 37 x 16 x 20 cm
Weight 10 kg

*Please contact your Thermo Fisher Scientific representative for details. Instruments that qualify for upgrade include: Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX5 instruments (2015–present), CellInsight NXT instruments (2012–2015), and CellInsight CX7 instruments (2015–present).



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