Brilliant Ultra Violet™ dyes increase options

We offer a full range of Brilliant Ultra Violet (BUV) and Brilliant Violet (BV) dyes for the ultraviolet (UV) and violet lasers and detector channels of your flow cytometer

Brilliant Ultra Violet dyes, Brilliant Violet dyes, and Super Bright dyes use polymer technology to absorb energy and emit light signal. These molecules are conjugated to antibodies used in flow cytometry experiments. By incorporating Brilliant Ultra Violet, Brilliant Violet, and Super Bright dyes in their experiments, scientists can take advantage of a broader range of instrument lasers and channels—including UV and Violet—to help reduce compensation necessary in panels with multiple conjugated antibodies. Super Bright dyes, Brilliant Ultra Violet, and Brilliant Violet dyes use similar polymer technologies.

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Why you should use our antibodies conjugated to polymer dyes (Brilliant Ultra Violet dyes, Brilliant Violet dyes and Super Bright dyes)?

  • Comprehensive, full menu of  Brilliant Ultra Violet, Brilliant Violet, and Super Bright Dyes for numerous extracellular and intracellular targets
  • Enables full use of UV and Violet detector channels, excellent performance in high-parameter panels and compatibility with other fluorochromes
  • Enhanced brightness and stability with reduced compensation issues, and compatible with spectral instruments
  • Free expert panel design help available, or make your own panels with our intuitive panel builder

Which buffer should I use with Brilliant dyes?

Either the Super Bright Staining Buffer or Brilliant Staining Buffer will work to help resolve polymer dye-to-dye interactions.

Select Brilliant Ultra Violet Dyes and Brilliant Violet Dyes

Brilliant Ultra Violet dyes and Brilliant Violet dyes are a polymer dye-based technology and compatible with both spectral flow cytometry, as well as traditional flow cytometry. BUVs and BVs are dyes used on flow cytometers equipped with UV (355 nm) and Violet (405 nm) lasers.

Brilliant Violet dyes

DyeInitial brightness (out of 5 maximum)Laser (nm)Excitation max (nm)Emission max (nm)Suggested bandpass filter
Brilliant Violet 4214Violet (405 nm)407423450/50
Brilliant Violet 4803Violet (405 nm)440479525/40
Brilliant Violet 6054Violet (405 nm)407605610/20
Brilliant Violet 6502Violet (405 nm)407649660/20, 630 LP
Brilliant Violet 7114Violet (405 nm)407713710/50, 690 LP
Brilliant Violet 7863Violet (405 nm)407786780/60, 750 LP

Brilliant Ultra Violet dyes

DyeInitial brightness (out of 5 maximum)Laser (nm)Excitation max (nm)Emission max (nm)Suggested bandpass filter
Brilliant Ultra Violet 3953Ultraviolet (355 nm)350395379/28
Brilliant Ultra Violet 496 2Ultraviolet (355 nm)350496515/30, 450 LP
Brilliant Ultra Violet 563 4Ultraviolet (355 nm)350564Instruments with yellow-green (561 nm) laser: 585/15, 535 LP without yellow-green: 560/40, 535 LP
Brilliant Ultra Violet 615 3Ultraviolet (355 nm)350616610/20, 595 LP
Brilliant Ultra Violet 661 4Ultraviolet (355 nm)350660670/25, 630 LP
Brilliant Ultra Violet 737 4Ultraviolet (355 nm)350737740/35
Brilliant Ultra Violet 8053Ultraviolet (355 nm)350805820/60 or 780/60

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