Better flow cytometry through novel focusing technology

Using a revolutionary technology—acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic focusing—our Invitrogen Attune flow cytometers are able to deliver a narrow core sample stream and highly uniform laser illumination for accurate cell analysis regardless of sample flow rate. This means that you get accurate data even at sample throughput rates that are 10 times faster than traditional cytometers, all in a benchtop instrument that's easy to own, use, and manage.

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The Attune NxT flow cytometer

Designed with non-clogging fluidics and exceptionally high sample flow rates, the Attune NxT flow cytometer offers rapid, accurate analysis for a broad range of samples—all in a grow-with-you system that can be customized with up to 4 lasers and 14 colors.

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Resources for the original Attune flow cytometer

For owners of the original first-generation Attune flow cytometer—find technical resources including manuals, reagent selection tables, and software download information; as well as ordering information for consumables and accessories for your instrument.

Instrument setup and calibration

  • Flow cytometer calibration and size reference beads
  • Compensation beads
  • Cell counting beads

Compatible with any instrument, our Molecular Probes™ microsphere products for flow cytometry help to ensure the reliability of optimal daily instrument performance and lead to minimal variation for consistent data acquisition.

Flow Cytometry Panel Design Tool

The panel design tool can help you choose fluorescent antibody conjugates for your flow cytometry panel in a few easy steps: pick the antibody species reactivity, select up to 14 targets of interest (choices include viability dyes), and choose the lasers or fluorophores you want to view. The available antibodies and dyes for your targets will be displayed on a tab for each laser, or you can scroll down to the laser tables. The number of products available will be displayed in each cell; simply click on the number and select the product you want from the list in the pop-up window. Your selections will then be displayed at the top of the table. When you are finished choosing products, either print your list or share it via email.