Flow Cytometry Learning Center

Learn about flow cytometry methods and technologies

The purpose of this learning center is to connect scientists (whether new or experienced) to our many resources for learning about flow cytometry applications, techniques and basic principles by providing a few key points of entry into the vast content.

Flow cytometry features

BioProbes 71—Special Flow Cytometry Edition

This issue of the BioProbes—Molecular Probes Journal of Cell Biology Applications is focused on flow cytometry, featuring articles and reviews about key topics in flow cytometry. These include a review about rare cell detection, an article about the basics of flow cytometry panel design and more.

Video—An introduction to flow cytometry

This Molecular Probes video tutorial on flow cytometry looks at the systems that make up the flow cytometer and how those systems work together to collect information on cells as they pass through a laser when two or more fluorescent colors are used.

Flow Cytometry Resource Library

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, publications, videos, webinars, and scientific posters for flow cytometry.