flow cytometry dot plot of viable, necrotic and apoptotic cell populations

Apoptosis is a naturally occurring process by which a cell is directed to programmed cell death. In this section you will find educational resources to help you design and execute experiments including application notes, scientific posters, webinars, and signaling pathways.

Apoptosis features

Signaling pathways

schematic of the different cellular apoptosis signaling pathways

Apoptosis pathways

Find information about the numerous and complex signaling pathways involved in the process of apoptosis including pathway schematics and overviews.

BioProbes article

dot plots of three cellevent caspase stained cell populations-viable cells, necrotic cells and apoptotic cells

Journal club: measurement and characterization of apoptosis by flow cytometry

This journal club provides a review of a recently published methods chapter in Current Protocols by Telford and coauthors that offers detailed protocols for several methods to measure and characterize apoptosis using multiparametric flow cytometry. The article provides basic theory discussions, detailed reagent listings, step-by-step procedures, and guidance on analysis methods, while also identifying critical items to consider when performing these assays.

Apoptosis learning resources

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Application note (2017) Flow cytometry analysis of dose response for apoptosis induction apoptosis, Attune NxT, Autosampler, flow cytometry, cell toxicity, CellEvent Caspase-3/7 Green 
BioProbes article (2017)Journal club: measurement and characterization of apoptosis by flow cytometryapoptosis, caspase substrates, flow cytometry, fluorescence, viability
BioProbes article (2015)Journal Club—Multiparameter detection of early apoptosis markers without compensationapoptosis, Attune NxT, cell structure-mitochondria, flow cytometry compensation, fluorescence, immunophenotyping
BioProbes article (2010)A ratiometric approach to apoptosis detection by flow cytometryapoptosis, flow cytometry, fluorescence
BioProbes article (2010)Advanced cell proliferation analysisAttune NxT cell proliferation, cell tracking, flow cytometry, fluorescence
BioProbes article (2009) A growing list of tools for the violet laser Alexa Fluor, apoptosis, cell cycle, Click-iT, flow cytometry, fluorescent dyes, immunophenotyping, nanocrystals, Qdot, viability
BioProbes article (2007) Investigating apoptosis-induced loss of SYTO dye fluorescence apoptosis, cell structure-mitochondria, enzyme activity detection, flow cytometry, fluorescent dyes
BioProbes article (2007) Looking for apoptosis? antibodies, apoptosis, colorimetric, ELISA, flow cytometry, fluorescence, fluorescent dyes, immunocytochemistry (ICC), protein detection, western blotting
BioProbes article (2007) Multiparametric approaches for studying apoptosis Alexa Fluor, antibodies, apoptosis, cell structure-mitochondria, cell structure-plasma membrane, enzyme activity detection, flow cytometry, fluorescent dyes, viability
BioProbes article (2006) Analyzing cell culture health and concentration apoptosis, cell counting, fluorescent dyes, flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy/fluorescence imaging, microplate reader, particles, viability
Molecular Probes HandbookAssays for apoptosis and autophagy—Section 15.5apoptosis, autophagy, flow cytometry, fluorescent dyes, fluorescence microscopy/fluorescence imaging
ProtocolsAnnexin V staining protocol for flow cytometry (Invitrogen eBioscience reagents)apoptosis, flow cytometry
ProtocolsPharmacological Induction of Apoptosis with Camptothecin (Invitrogen eBioscience reagents)apoptosis, flow cytometry
Scientific poster (2018) Fluorescent hypoxia sensor for flow cytometry apoptosis, Attune/Attune NxT, brightfield microscopy, EVOS, flow cytometry, hypoxia, immunology
Scientific poster (2013) Monitor caspase 3/7 activity without cell fixation: A novel apoptosis reagentAlexa Fluor, apoptosis, Attune NxT, caspase substrates, cells, fluorescent dyes, multicolor flow cytometry
Scientific poster (2010) Simultaneous analysis of cell death mechanisms and oxidative stress using Molecular Probes next generation reagents for imaging and flow cytometry apoptosis, autophagy, caspase substrates, cells, flow cytometry/flow cytometer, fluorescence microscopy/fluorescence imaging, fluorescent dyes, live-cell imaging, oxidative stress
Scientific poster (2009) A simple, fast and quantitative single-step dead-cell indicator for flow cytometry apoptosis, fluorescent dyes, multicolor flow cytometry, nucleic acid quantitation, viability
Scientific poster (2006) Novel violet-excited reagents for detection of viability and vitality  Alexa Fluor, cell health, CellTrace, flow cytometry, fluorescent dyes, viability, violet laser-excited reagents
CYToMORE lecture video (2016) Novel reagent solutions for flow cytometry 
Presented by Jolene Bradford, Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA
Attune NxT, flow cytometry assays
WebinarAn introduction to flow cytometric analysis, Part 2: Cell viability and apoptosis analysis 
In this free webinar, we will discuss flow cytometric analysis of apoptosis and identification of dead cells. Changes introduced by apoptosis can be tested with numerous assays measuring Membrane structure, Mitochondrial function, Metabolism, Caspase activity, Membrane integrity, and DNA fragmentation. We will also discuss dead cell identification using traditional impermeant nucleic acid dyes.
apoptosis, cell cycle, cell proliferation, multicolor flow cytometry, viability