graph of emission spectra for eFluor 450 dye

The eFluor 450 dye is a violet-excitable, organic dye that emits at 450 nm and has spectral and performance properties similar to those of Pacific Blue dye. Stability data shows eFluor 450 exhibits minimal loss of fluorescence, when cells are exposed to a formaldehyde fixative treatment for up to 24 hours.

Benefits of eFluor 450 dye include:

  • Equal or better fluorescence intensity when compared to several other violet-excited organic dyes
  • Stable fluorescence following aldehyde fixation
  • Helps extend options for multicolor panel design to the violet laser

eFluor 450 dye dashboard

Initial brightness

eFluor 450 dye is a small-molecule fluorescent dye with spectral properties similar to Pacific Blue dye. It was developed to exhibit equal or better fluorescence intensity when compared to Horizon V500 dye or Pacific Blue dye in multicolor applications. 

Photostability in buffer


Flow histogram comparing eFluor 450 dye to Pacific Blue dye
Fluorescence intensity comparison. Human PBMCs stained with Anti-CD45RA (clone HI100) conjugated to eFluor 450 dye (purple line) or Pacific Blue dye (blue dotted line).
Flow histogram comparing eFluor 450 dye before and after aldehyde fixation
Stability of eFluor 450 dye. Mouse splenocytes stained with Anti-CD4 eFluor 450 dye (clone RM4-5) and analyzed immediately (red line). The sample was then fixed in 2% formaldehyde overnight at 4°C and analyzed again (green line).

eFluor 450 dye products

We offer eFluor 450 dye conjugated to primary antibodies for use in flow cytometry.

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