graph of emission spectra for eFluor 506 dye

The eFluor 506 organic dye is a violet-laser excitable fluorophore that has an emission peak of 506 nm. With similar spectra characteristics to AmCyan and Horizon V500, conjugates of the eFluor 506 dye require no change to your instrument configuration for use.

Benefits of eFluor 506 include

  • Direct alternative for AmCyan and Horizon V500 fluorophores
  • Similar or better fluorescence intensity than other 500 nm-emitting organic dyes
  • When combined with all five Super Bright dye antibody conjugates, can provide 6 detection channels of the violet laser

eFluor 506 dye dashboard

Initial brightness

The violet laser–excitable eFluor 506 dye is optimized for use in flow cytometry applications. Detected using typical filters for AmCyan or Horizon V500 dyes, eFluor 506 dye–labeled conjugates are easily added to your multicolor panels. 

Photostability in buffer


Flow histogram comparing eFluor 506 dye to Horizon V500 dye

Fluorescence intensity comparison. Mouse splenocytes were stained with CD4 (clone RM4-5) conjugated to eFluor 506 dye (purple line) or to Horizon V500 (blue histogram), using the same concentration of antibody.

Flow histogram comparing eFluor 506 dye before and after fixation
Stability of eFluor 506 dye. Mouse splenocytes stained with Anti-CD4 (clone RM4-5) and either left unfixed (blue line), or were fixed for 30 minutes in Foxp3/Transcription Factor buffer set (purple line) or 30 minutes in Intracellular (IC) Fixation buffer followed by methanol (orange line).

eFluor 506 dye products

We offer eFluor 506 dye conjugated to primary antibodies for use in flow cytometry.

Learn more here:

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