SYTOX® Green nucleic acid stain is an excellent green-fluorescent nuclear and chromosome counterstain that is impermeant to live cells but penetrates the compromised membranes characteristic of dead cells, making it a useful indicator of dead cells within a population.

SYTOX® Green stain binds nucleic acids with minimal base selectivity. It exhibits a >500-fold fluorescence enhancement upon binding nucleic acids, with an emission peak of 523 nm when excited by a 488 nm argon-ion laser or any other 450 to 490 nm source.

The exceptional brightness of the signal produced in dead cells makes SYTOX® Green stain particularly useful for determining viability of both mammalian and bacterial cells.

SYTOX® Green dashboard

Initial brightness



SYTOX® Green stain is useful as a dead-cell stain because of its cell impermeability and >500-fold increase in fluorescence upon nucleic acid binding.


Photostability in buffer


Photostability in antifade


SYTOX® Green stain products

We offer a range of SYTOX® Green stain products for nucleic acid staining and dead cell detection in both flow cytometry and imaging applications. SYTOX® Green stain is often included in multiplexed assays for apoptosis or cell viability.

SYTOX® Green stain

Multicolor fluorescence image of mouse intestine cross section. Nuclei were stained with SYTOX® Green nucleic acid stain.

Alternatives to SYTOX® Green stain

We also offer a range of nucleic acid stains in simple ReadyProbes™ format and as components in multiplexed viability assays.

  LIVE/DEAD® Cell Imaging Kit
Hep G2 Cells Stained Using the LIVE/DEAD® Cell Imaging Kit, showing green-fluorescent live cells and red-fluorescent dead cells.


Molecular Probes® Handbook

Molecular Probes HandbookThe significantly revised 11th Edition is the most complete fluorescence labeling and detection reference available. The Molecular Probes® Handbook can help you achieve the best experimental results for your fluorescence labeling and detection experiments. View the handbook online or order your own copy.


Antifade reagents

Antifade reagentsAntifade reagents suppress photobleaching and preserve the signals of your fluorescently labeled target molecules. They offer excellent compatibility with SYTOX® Green stain and a multitude of dyes across the spectrum, making them especially valuable tools for multicolor applications.


Cell stain tool

Cell stain toolStain your own cell by using our simulation tool to develop reproducible results with many of our signature fluorescent dyes. Develop your multiplexing strategy for antibody probes, reactive dyes, and counterstains to create your perfectly labeled fluorescent cell.


Fluorescence SpectraViewer

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