Primary Cell Culture

Primary Cell Culture

Human primary cell cultures closely mimic the in vivo state and generate more physiologically relevant data.  Each lot of cells is performance tested for viability and growth potential.

Find complete cell culture systems for each of our specified cell types.  We offer the cells, basal media, growth supplements and reagents recommended for optimal performance.

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3D Cell Culture

3D Cell Culture - As Real As It Gets!

Culturing cells on flat plasticware results in artificial two-dimensional sheets of cells.  Normal cells in the human body experience a three-dimensional environment, completely surrounded by other cells, membranes, fibrous layers, and adhesion proteins.

GIBCO® three-dimensional scaffolds reflect normal cell morphology and behavior for more realistic cell biology and function, in vivo-like morphology, and better intercellular interactions including AlgiMatrix™, Geltrex™ and Collagen I products.