Neural Primary Cells

  GIBCO® Primary Rat Cortex and Hippocampus neurons
Ready-to-use, high quality hippocampal and cortical neurons providing fresh alternative to isolated neurons.
  GIBCO® Rat Primary Cortical Astrocytes
Highly pure rat cortical astrocytes with superior performance and viability.

Neural Stem Cells

  GIBCO® Human Neural Stem Cells (H9-Derived)
Neural stem cells (NSCs) derived from NIH approved H9 human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) supporting efficient differentiation into neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes
  GIBCO® Rat Fetal Neural Stem Cells
Ready-to-use rat neural stem cells (NSCs), with superior proliferation and multipotent differentiation potential.
  GIBCO® Rat Glial Precursor Cells (rGPCs)
High purity, undifferentiated and multipotent rat glial precursor cells