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Ambion® Essential Products

With RNA essentials, you can expect our Ambion® RNA expertise, packaged in products that offer the very best for the stabilization, isolation, and analysis of RNA.

Ambion® RNAlater® Solution

Ambion® RNAlater® Tissue Collection: RNA Stabilization Solution is an aqueous, nontoxic tissue storage reagent that rapidly permeates tissues to stabilize and protect cellular RNA.

  • Single reagent immediately inactivates RNases and stabilizes RNA within tissues or cells
  • Eliminates the need to grind and freeze samples in liquid nitrogen or rush samples back to the lab freezer
  • Stabilizes RNA for 1 day at 37°C, 1 week at 25°C, 1 month at 4°C, or indefinitely at –20°C

Ambion® RNaseZAP®

Ambion® RNaseZap® is a surface decontaminant that destroys RNases on contact. 

  • Removes RNase contamination from glass and plastic surfaces
  • Proven effective at removing high concentrations of dried-on RNase A
  • Ideal for cleaning work surfaces, pipettes, and equipment that must be RNase-free

Ambion® DNAZap™

Ambion® DNAZap™ consists of two solutions that are innocuous when used alone, but become a potent nucleic acid degrading solution when mixed. 

  • Completely and instantaneously degrades contaminating DNA and RNA from surfaces on contact—at the level of PCR sensitivity
  • Ideal for cleaning PCR tubes, PCR machine surfaces, pipettes, lab benches, lab equipment, and microfuge tubes

Ambion® Tips and Tube Products

Nuclease-Free Pipette Tips

  • Ambion® barrier tips prevent cross-contamination of samples by means of an aerosol filter. They are ideal for handling RNA, PCR applications, and for working with radioisotopes or toxic chemicals.

Nuclease-Free Microfuge, Conical, PCR Tubes and Caps

  • Each lot of tubes is subjected to rigorous testing and is certified to be nuclease-free. 

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