Tissue Culture

Gibco® cell and tissue culture products, the broadest selection in the industry, are optimized to support innovative research and leading-edge applications.  We ensure that all our tissue culture media products adhere absolutely to regulations, and we've taken all necessary steps to provide only the highest quality and safest materials.  Our Cell and Tissue Custom Products Services team counts among its members the most highly qualified scientists industry-wide, and is on hand to discuss your specific bioproduction needs.  We keep you up to date with listings of upcoming conferences and links to current press releases, journals, and newsrooms, and our extensive Technical Resources are available to answer your specific tissue culture media and product questions.

Tissue culture, simply put, is the method of keeping tissue alive and growing in vitro in a tissue culture media containing a rich mixture of essential amino acids, vitamins, and peptides, thus replicating conditions in which the tissue normally grows in an animal or human.  Tissue culture is also the term used to refer to the actual product grown.  Applications and uses of tissue culture in the biosciences are myriad, and growing exponentially.  From quantitative tissue culture, the "gold standard" in microbiology and medical diagnosis, to the development and growth of new tissue culture cell lines, standard research methods are being optimized and adapted for new applications, and new techniques are being developed and tested.  Our outstanding and innovative tissue culture products, services and resources keep your research on the cutting edge, maximizing yields while maintaining the superior quality and reliability for which we've become known in the industry.

Gibco cell & Tissue Culture Products

We offer a comprehensive line of products, each perfected to meet the myriad demands of effective bioproduction.  Our large catalog includes several types of tissue culture media to keep your tissue culture cell lines well-nourished, healthy, and productive. 

Gibco Serum-Free Media (SFM), available for a variety of cell lines, offers numerous advantages over serum-supplemented cell culture, and our Protein-Free Media (PFM) eliminate many of the concerns involved with the use of animal proteins.  Chemically Defined Media (CD) contain neither components of animal origin, nor unknown compounds. 

We offer the broadest selection of serum-free, protein-free, and chemically defined tissue culture media in the industry.  Our team of scientists has developed a number of new cell and tissue culture products, including our CD CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) Optimization Kit, designed to maximize proteins yields in your CHO system, and TrypLE Select, a non-animal, room temperature stable trypsin replacement.  Our Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) Media, are dry cell culture media in a new, easy to use granular format. 

We also regularly offer a number of product promotions and free samples of many of our tissue culture products, allowing for experimentation without prohibitive cost.

Custom Cell & Tissue Culture Products & Services

Our expert Custom Products Services group will work with you to formulate and manufacture tissue culture media to your specifications.  If you have a custom media of your own, we can enhance or custom manufacture it while keeping your proprietary information strictly confidential; an impenetrable firewall between our Research and Development and manufacturing teams allows for access to and consultation with R&D while protecting your intellectual property. 

We've dedicated a group within Custom Products Service to concentrate solely on custom packaging needs; they're available for on-site consultations to determine what media packaging options will work best for your product.  Our Customized Testing can provide not only standard testing for your custom product, such as for pH levels and osmolality, but we have a number of additional testing options as well.  Our patented AGT (Advanced Granular Technology) BioProcessing System combines our Gibco AGT Media with Stedim disposable packaging, increasing production capacity for large volume liquid media while decreasing your costs.  Our team members are among the most experienced cell and tissue culture scientists in the industry. 

Contact us to find out how we can increase your speed and efficiency, maximizing your research and bioproduction capabilities.

Additional Tissue Culture Resources

Utilize our Tissue Culture BioProduction Specialists

Please don't hesitate to contact the expert BioProduction Specialist assigned to your region to discuss how our tissue culture products and services can meet your bioproduction needs.

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We offer a number of valuable technical resources, designed to address specific product and procedure questions, as well as any general questions regarding tissue culture.  Search through our technical literature, including product brochures, posters and technical support notes.  Browse our Tools and Tips section for valuable information regarding tissue culture products, their applications, and associated methods and procedures.  Search through our gallery, seminars we've hosted online, our extensive Frequently Asked Questions database, and citations to our products in industry journals.

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Tissue Culture Media

Our knowledgeable team of technical support personnel are on hand to answer your tissue culture questions; feel free to contact us via either phone or email or visit with our tissue culture experts in person. 

Members of our staff will be on hand to answer your questions at a number of upcoming bioproduction conferences.