cell culture media bottles

Controlled environments, careful handling

Cell culture is viewed as one of those enigmatic techqniques by some researchers. There are so many parameters to consider: which cells to use, what media and supplements are appropriate, how often to feed, how to deal with contamination, etc. We've put together a collection of resources that we hope will give you the confidence to get started and to continuously improve your skills in the cell culture room.

Cell culture features

Culturing embryonic stem cells using media filtered with Thermo Scientific Nalgene Rapid-Flow PES filter units to reduce contamination risk

Researchers commonly forgo media filtration when preparing media for embryonic stem cell (ESC) culture out of fear of removing critical media components or adding deleterious compounds during the filtration process, but this can lead to an increased risk of contamination. This application note demonstrates that ESCs cultured using media filtered through Rapid-Flow PES filters maintain normal growth and pluripotency.

Thawing and plating primary cells

This video shows you the tips and tricks that our experts use to successfully thaw and plate Gibco primary cells.

Handling and storing your primary cells

This video shows how to successfully receive and store new vials of Gibco primary cells.