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Keeping your COincubator free from contamination

Choosing the right cold storage for cell culture

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Cell culture contamination: What you don't know can cost youContamination preventionCell culture use continues to increase beyond biological research with novel clinical applications in personalized medicine and cellular therapy. Cultivating these physiologically relevant cell types requires stringent conditions and heightens concerns regarding the perils of contamination.CO2 Incubators
Ultrapure water and cell culture: Know why, what, and how for proper water system maintenanceLab water purificationUltrapure water is an important staple to the cell culture lab. The water system is expected to deliver water that is free of impurities, of consistent quality and always available upon demand. This webinar investigates the different types of impurities in water and how water systems remove these critical impurities. We will also review guidelines for properly maintaining the lab water system to ensure successful cell culture.Water Purification Systems
Choosing the right cold storage for cell culture applicationsStorageLearn how to select the best cold storage and sample prep solutions, with an eye to pertinent criteria that can lead to an optimized cell culture experience.Cold Storage
Get a Handle on Liquid Handling. Increase pipetting efficiency for reproducible resultsTechniqueOne of the most common tools in any cell culture laboratory is a pipette. You turn to it time and time again, and like most tools, finding the right fit for your lab is important to enable accurate and precise transferring of samples. During this webinar, we will review common requirements for cell culture applications, and key considerations to provide worry-free pipetting for confidence in your results.Pipettes and Pipette Tips
How to choose the right Cold Storage UnitStorageLearn how to select the best cold storage and sample prep solutions, with an eye to pertinent criteria that can lead to an optimized cell culture experience.Lab Refrigerators
Take your samples for a spin: Fundamentals of cell culture centrifugationCentrifugationSeparating cells is a critical step in the dynamic process of cell culture. This webinar will examine the role of centrifugation in the cell culture workflow and explore the different types of centrifuges used to separate cells. We will look at centrifuge requirements and technical considerations for cell culture applications, including selecting the appropriate speed and g-force. State-of-the-art trends in centrifugation will also be discussed.Benchtop Centrifuges


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