cell culture cryopreservation

Good recovery relies on successful storage

Preparation is key. Improper cryogenic preservation can have disastrous outcomes, leading to poor (or no!) cell recovery and project setbacks. Review information on cryopreservation and cold storage best practices before you freeze your first vial.

Cryopreservation features

Freezing cells

This video demonstrates the critical steps required to freeze cells while maintaining optimal cell health. We review the equipment required, how to prepare for freezing and each step performed in a careful way at the right pace to prevent damage to your cells.

Thawing and plating cryopreserved hepatocytes

This video covers the thawing and prep of cryopreserved hepatocytes for their subsequent use in applications such as metabolic stability (intrinsic clearance), metabolite ID/profiling, enzyme induction, hepatotoxicity, transporter uptake and efflux, environmental bioaccumulation and liver disease.