Gibco Education connects you with the free-to-use materials, webinars and handbooks, virtual reality trainings, expertise and hands-on courses you need to gain confidence in the lab and progress your career.

Whether you’re learning or revisiting new techniques, expanding your horizons or transitioning between disciplines, explore our cross-application resources – from cell culture and transfection basics to protein expression and stem cell innovations today.

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Cell Culture Basics

Did you know that understanding cell culture is essential for the life of your work? Ensuring consistently healthy cells can be the critical factor in your experiments producing the outcomes you’re hoping for. Gibco Cell Culture Basics connects you to everything from lab setup to safety to aseptic techniques, or basic methods for passaging, freezing, and thawing cultured cells, and more.

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Transfection Basics

Whether you’re beginning your first transfection experiment or looking to boost your knowledge and review best practices, Transfection Techniques and Basics connects you with everything you need to make a success of your experiments. Explore our transfection resources for an overview of transfection technologies, tips and techniques.

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Protein Expression Basics

Did you know that successful protein expression and the yields of each batch can be the critical difference between hitting your experiment timelines, and missing them? Gibco Protein Expression Basics gives you the tools, online learning, videos, virtual training labs, handbooks, and knowledge you need to ensure your lab and your experiments are set up for success, every time.

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Pluripotent Stem Cell (PSC) Education

Connect to the tools and resources you need to expand your knowledge and enable your innovation in one of life sciences’ most exciting areas of research. The Gibco PSC Education program provides a collection of handbooks, virtual training courses, instructional videos, and other resources to help you gain confidence in the lab and enable your research success.

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Cancer Cell Culture Basics

Whether you are new to cancer cell culture, expanding your understanding or upskilling on the latest findings and techniques, Gibco Cancer Basics gives you the information, cell line protocols and media formulations you need to progress. Connect with topics from the biology of cancer to resisting cell death to the culture of cancer spheroids, and more, with our library of resources and handbooks.

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Cell and Gene Therapy Learning Center

Connect with the educational resources, techniques, basics and breakthroughs you need to advance your cell and gene therapy knowledge and understanding. Translate the fundamentals and latest insights to your work, as well as accessing the support, high-quality materials and services to help at every phase, from discovery to clinical research to commercial manufacturing, through our Cell and Gene Therapy Learning Center.

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