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You can culture your career with virtual training courses?

Enhance your skills in the lab across a variety of applications through virtual labs, eLearning courses and other digital tools created with your success in mind. Browse the virtual labs and modules below to empower your love of science.

Virtual cell culture lab

Explore our free, interactive virtual cell culture laboratory, where you can complete training, get tips for optimizing research, see best practices for working with your cells, take quizzes to test your understanding, and receive a certificate to verify your knowledge.

eLearning Courses

Developed by our technical experts, the detailed, step-by-step digital training courses are structured to virtually guide you through a variety of techniques and applications, so you feel confident in the lab. Each course includes written instruction, how-to videos, and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.

Stem cell research

3D models

Protein expression

Training module: Optimizing protein expression with the Gibco Expi293 Expression System

A comprehensive guide to optimizing your transient protein expression workflow to maximize recombinant protein yields using the Expi293 Expression System.

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