Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture dish, flask, tubes, pipettes, chamber slides, imaging plates, and multidishes

Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Culture Plastics offer a solution for every step of your workflow. Whether you are in need of TC treated plates for imaging or low attachment dishes for your 3D work, easily find your cell plastics by searching by surface, format, or other application needs.

Nunc Cell Culture plastics are validated with Gibco products across multiple cell lines and applications. Find out more about how Nunc and Gibco products are the perfect pair. Learn more

Popular cell culture plastics

Thermo Scientific Nunc Serological Pipettes for cell culture in various sizes
Thermo Scientific Nunc EasYDish cell culture treated dish
Thermo Scientific Nunc Nunclon Sphera round, U bottom plate for 3d/spheroid/organoid cell culture
Nunc 50mL mini bioreactor tubes with vented cap
12-well plate with UpCell Coated Surface
Nunc TC Culture and Erlenmeyer Flasks

Find your cell culture plastics by surface

To help ensure optimal results for different types of cell culture and the subsequent cellular analysis, we offer a range of cell culture surfaces, spanning a variety of formats. Let us help guide your selection by starting with the cell culture surfaces modified to suit the needs of your specific cell types.

Nunclon Delta 
for adherent cells
Non-treated for suspension cultures or general assaysNunclon Vita for fastidious cellsNunclon Sphera for spheroid-organoid cultureNunclon UpCell for adherent culture plus trypsin-free cell harvestingPoly-D-Lysine and Collagen I for primary and finicky cells
Nunclon Delta Cell Culture Plates for Adherent CellsNon-Treated Cell Culture Plates for Suspension CulturesNunclon Vita Cell Culture Plates for Fastidious CellsNunclon Sphera Cell Culture Plates for Spheroid-Organoid CultureNunclon UpCell Cell Culture Plates for adherent culture + trypsin-free cell harvestingPoly-D-Lysine and Collagen I Cell Culture Plates for primary and unusual cells
A standard tissue culture (TC) surface modification that makes the polystyrene surface more hydrophilic, thus facilitating maximum adhesion for a broad range of cell types.High quality, optically clear virgin polystyrene with hydrophobic surface, ideal for suspension cell culture, also useful for a variety of biochemical binding assays.Unique energy-treated surface that when combined with conditioned media supplemented with a ROCK inhibitor, can support attachment and expansion of human pluripotent stem cells.Enables formation of reproducible spheroid cultures. Cells grow and aggregate with virtually no cell attachment to the culture vessel. For spheroid culture, organoid culture, and 3D culture.Enables harvesting of cells in single cell suspension or as contiguous cell sheet by temperature reduction and can create 3D tissue models without foreign-to-the-body scaffold materialECM-coated surface mimicking the growth environment inside the body, ideal for cells that have difficulties growing on the regular tissue culture surface. Collagen I is of animal origin, whereas PDL is fully synthetic.

Featured cell culture plastics categories

With more than 100 combinations of format and surface, our polystyrene cell culture plates help promote healthy cells and generate reliable results.

Choose from a variety of sizes, with culture areas ranging from 25cm2 to 500cm2 and a selection of cell culture surface modifications to address your specific applications and cell types.

Browse a full line of dishes with various surface treatment options to promote adherent, suspension, and 3D spheroid cell cultures. Also available in glass bottom for high quality imaging applications.

Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture imaging products offer optical bottom plates, chamber slides and coverglass, glass-bottom dishes, and flasks on slides for your cell imaging applications.

Maximum performance for a broad range of cell types and applications. Choose from round and flat-bottom tubes as well as conical tubes that offer a variety of sizes and features, including recyclable racks and ease-of-use designs for enhanced lab performance.

Full range of Nunc Serological Pipettes and Serological Pipet Fillers to support you at each stage of discovery.

Protect valuable samples safely and economically. Products designed to safely contain and organize cryogenically preserved samples. Our storage options provide the highest quality options for research, cell culture, biobanking and any other precious samples.

Great for co-culture, chemotaxis, invasion assays, barrier assay, and air-liquid-interface culture, our unique Carrier Plates enable height adjustment of the Cell Culture Inserts within the wells.

Designed and manufactured to provide the quality and consistency you need, Gibco media, sera and reagents help you achieve reproducible results and successful research outcomes—every day.

Advance your research with high-performing, proven cell culture instruments and equipment, including CO2 incubators, biological safety cabinets, general purpose centrifuges, lab refrigerators and freezers, automated cell counters, and cell imaging systems.

Thermo Scientific Multi-well plates and Microplates
Select the ideal cell culture plate for your application

Simply select your criteria from the available options; the cell culture plate guide will return all plates that match your selections.

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Quality Assurance

Quality involves all aspects of our organization from product development, choice of raw material, through production to customer service. Our cell culture plastics are manufactured per established quality standards and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to help ensure product performance. Our quality system is routinely audited to ensure that we consistently maintain the highest standards.

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