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Enhance your research using porous membrane cell culture inserts

The porous membrane and unique structure of the Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture inserts is designed for versatility by allowing the attached surface of your cells to be simultaneously exposed to growth media and to the variable condition(s) called for by your experiment. The carrier plate option makes it easier than ever to carry out these procedures with precision and time-saving convenience.

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Why polycarbonate cell culture inserts?

Our polycarbonate cell culture inserts come packaged with their multiwell plate. Choose from 6-, 12- and 24-well sizes. Simply select the insert membrane pore size best suited for your application. For flexibility, ease of use and time savings, place your 12- and 24- well plates with inserts into our unique carrier plate

Polycarbonate (PC) inserts have high pore density to allow more exchange through the membrane for transport studies and other applications where optimal cell growth is desired. We tested various materials for a variety of applications, and PC inserts had the best cell attachment property among the materials tested. They’re also well-suited for barrier assays. Our study shows high, sustainable and consistent trans-epithelial electrical resistance (TEER) values for longer periods of time over other membrane materials indicating successful establishment of a cell barrier.

Thermo Scientific Cell Culture Inserts

Choose your cell culture insert membrane pore size by application
Cell culture insert applications0.4µm 3µm 8µm

Transport studies

  • Molecules including hormones and growth factors
  • Drug transport across epithelial (Caco-2) and endothelial barriers
  • Drug transport across brain microvascular endothelial cells

Transport studies co-cultivation studies

  • Cell-cell interaction
  • Cell-substrate interaction

Tissue engineering

  • Angiogenesis
  • Dermal/epidermal and epithelial tissue models

Chemotaxis studies

  • Migration of cells including eosinophils and macrophages

Invasion studies

  • Tumor invasion and metastasis models
  • Invasion inhibitors
  • Extra cellular matrix effects

Bring your cell culture inserts to new heights

The unique design of Thermo Scientific Carrier Plates enables precise adjustment of height for added versatility and flexibility in your research.

Unique design carrier plate application note

An important consideration for cell culture researchers is the height of the growth surface of the insert within the well, and the resulting volume of media required to grow cells at each height. Media height and volume are variables which may need to be controlled to optimize such things as gas exchange, oxygen tension, availability of growth factors, or pH. Adjustment of the insert allows more than one position relative to the bottom of the carrier plate.

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What is a carrier plate?

The Thermo Scientific Nunc Carrier Plate for Cell Culture Inserts is an innovative "add on" that you can choose to include with our standard insert offerings. The carrier plate fits into our 12- or 24-well formats. It's the carrier plate that provides the carefully engineered height-adjusting grooves within each well for use with your inserts. When selecting, you can order with or without the carrier plate addition. For any application that requires a 12- or 24-well plate, your best option is to include the carrier plate to make your procedures easier, more precise and efficient.

  • Add the ability to adjust your inserts to various heights within each well; our carrier plate fits perfectly into our 12- or 24-well plates
  • Optimize the position of each porous membrane insert and volume of media required for your application
  • Save time when feeding cells; with the carrier plate pipetting into each well separately is no longer necessary
  • Conveniently adjust media volumes to extend feeding times (great for weekends!)
cell culture carrier plate diagram

As shown above, with the one-of-a-kind carrier plate, inserts can be height adjusted inside each well to achieve various, optimal positions relative to the media and bottom of the plate—adding precision and convenience that can be vital to your process.

Cell culture inserts for 24-well plates

Catalog #DescriptionPore sizePore densityPorosity
Culture area
140620Inserts and multiwell dish0.4<0.85 x 108 pores/cm2<6.8%0.47cm2
140627Inserts and multiwell dish3.0<1.70 x 106 pores/cm2<7.7%0.47cm2
140629Inserts and multiwell dish8.0<0.85 x 105 pores/cm2<2.7%0.47cm2
141002Inserts, multiwell dish, and carrier plate0.4<0.85 x 108 pores/cm2<6.8%0.47cm2
141004Inserts, multiwell dish, and carrier plate3.0<1.70 x 106 pores/cm2<7.7%0.47cm2
141006Inserts, multiwell dish, and carrier plate8.0<0.85 x 105 pores/cm2<2.7%0.47cm2

Cell culture inserts for 12-well plates

Catalog #DescriptionPore sizePore densityPorosity
Culture area
140652Inserts and multiwell dish0.4<0.85 x 108 pores/cm2<6.8%1.13cm2
140654Inserts and multiwell dish3.0<1.70 x 106 pores/cm2<7.7%1.13cm2
140656Inserts and multiwell dish8.0<0.85 x 105 pores/cm2<2.7%1.13cm2
141078Inserts, multiwell dish, and carrier plate0.4<0.85 x 108 pores/cm2<6.8%1.13cm2
141080Inserts, multiwell dish, and carrier plate3.0<1.70 x 106 pores/cm2<7.7%1.13cm2
141082Inserts, multiwell dish, and carrier plate
8.0<0.85 x 105 pores/cm2<2.7%1.13cm2

Cell culture inserts for 6-well plates

Catalog #Pore sizePore densityPorosity
Culture area
1406400.4<0.85 x 108<6.8%3.14cm2
1406423.0<1.7 x 106<7.7%3.14cm2
1406448.0<0.85 x 105<2.7%3.14cm2
1406600.4<0.85 x 108<6.8%4.1cm2
1406633.0<1.7 x 106<7.7%4.1cm2
1406688.0<0.85 x 105<2.7%4.1cm2
Featured cell culture inserts and carrier plates

Discover a highly effective, time-saving method for skin tissue culture

The Nunc Cell Culture Insert System with cell culture inserts, multiwell plates and the unique carrier plate offers a highly reliable, effective and efficient solution for culturing 3D epidermal skin models for use in the development and testing of cosmetics products and other materials that potentially affect human skin.

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