Nunc Edge 96-well cell culture plate

Take your cell-based research to the edge

Thermo Scientific Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Cell Culture Plates contain a large evaporation moat that can be filled with sterile water or media to virtually eliminate edge effect, and increase consistency and cell viability following lengthy incubations.

Prevent evaporation in 3 simple steps:

nunc edge 2.0 cell culture plate

Utilize all 96 wells.

nunc edge 96-well cell culture plate

Fill surrounding moat with 2mL
sterile water or media in each section.

nunc edge 2.0 cell culture plate

Evaporation takes place in the moat and not the outer wells, preserving cell viability and maintaining well-to-well consistency.

The Edge difference: Edge 2.0 plates vs. traditional 96-well plates

Unlike traditional 96-well plates, Edge 2.0 plates are optimized to mitigate the dreaded edge effect. Edge effect is caused when evaporation occurs in the perimeter wells of a microplate during prolonged incubation. It changes media pH, osmolality, and the concentration of the media constituents—affecting cell viability and function.

Cell viability with Nunc Edge vs Traditional 96-well cell culture plate

The built-in moat in the Nunc Edge 2.0 Plate significantly reduces evaporation compared to the conventional 96-well plates after 4-day incubation, improving well-to-well consistency.

 Sustainable solutions

Thermo Scientific Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plates generate 4–9% less plastic waste per plate.

 Download the Edge Plate green fact sheet to learn more

Ordering information

Catalog #DescriptionSurfaceColorLidSterilePack SizeProduct Size 
167425Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate TreatedNunclon DeltaClearYesYesIndividually packedCase of 50Order
167542Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate TreatedNunclon DeltaClearYesYesSleeve of 10Case of 160Order
167574Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate TreatedNunclon DeltaClearNoYesIndividually packedCase of 50Order
167554Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate TreatedNunclon DeltaClearNoYesSleeve of 10Case of 160Order
267427Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate Non-treatedNon-treatedClearYesYesIndividually packedCase of 50Order
267544Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate Non-treatedNon-treatedClearYesYesSleeve of 10Case of 160Order
267576Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate Non-treatedNon-treatedClearNoYesIndividually packedCase of 50Order
267556Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate Non-treatedNon-treatedClearNoYesSleeve of 10Case of 160Order
267566Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate Non-treatedNon-treatedClearNoNoSleeve of 10Case of 160Order
267578Nunc Edge 2.0 96-Well Plate Non-treatedNon-treatedClearYesNoSleeve of 10Case of 160Order
Sleeve of 10
Individually packed
Sleeve of 10
Sleeve of 10

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