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Our extensive portfolio of Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture products have been used by researchers worldwide for more than 50 years. We offer solutions for cell culture growth and analysis that support development and manufacturing in the areas of biobanking, bioprocessing, and food and beverage. These products include surfaces and materials (such as Nunclon™ Delta, MaxiSorp™, and passive adsorption surfaces), flasks, serological pipettes, dishes, multidishes, multiwell plates, cryotubes, cell factory systems, tubes, microplates, and cryovials, among many others. Our consistently high quality products and our world class customer support ensure that your research applications give you the most reproducible and reliable results.

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Our production cell culture platform includes roller bottles, multi-layer cell culture systems, and compatible automation solutions of manipulators, shakers, and incubators.

Microplates, dishes, and flasks are designed to match the demanding requirements of biotechnology, cell culture research, and diagnostics. We offer a variety of size and surface options for optimal performance and growth of your cells.

Achieve optimal consistency and growth across a variety of cell types with our innovative surface technologies, formats, and products. Includes cell culture flasks, serological pipets, dishes, omnitrays, multidishes, chamber slides, cell culture inserts, and more.

Whether you're storing a few cryogenic samples or thousands of 2D barcoded specimens in a biobank, we have tubes, accessories and equipment you need. Includes cryogenic tubes, Mr. Frosty Freezing container, and additional cryogenic products.

Obtain accurate and reproducible results with our immuno plates, immuno breakable modules, immuno standard modules,and immunoassay tubes—products which used in handling passive binding surfaces for biomacromolecules, covalent coupling surfaces for smaller biomolecules, and affinity capture surfaces for affinity-tagged biomolecules. 

Perform adherent cell cultures in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and research laboratories, as well as in the production of vaccines and diagnostic kits with Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Cell Culture Tubes. These tubes are tissue culture treated for adherent cell cultures and feature Nunclon certified growth surface.

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