Sf-900™ III SFM
Reduces cell culture variability
Optimized to support Sf9 and Sf21 cells — achieves Sf9 densities of 10-14 X 106 cells/ml
Sf9 and Sf21 cells pre-adapted to Sf-900 ™ SFM available providing faster turnaround.

Contains lower hydrolysate concentration compared to other commercially available serum free media
Animal origin-free — facilitates regulatory processes.

Express Five® SFM
A protein-free medium optimized to support maximum cell growth
Optimized for recombinant gene expression by the baculovirus expression by the baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) in the BTI-TN-5B1-4 (High Five™) Trichoplusia ni cell line.

Sf-900™ II SFM
A protein-free medium optimized to support and maximize Sf9 and Sf21 cell growth in suspension applications
Optimized for recombinant gene expression in both baculovirus and stable insect expression systems

Table 1 - GIBCO insect cell culture media.

ProductOptimized forProtein freeSerum freeAnimal origin freePreadapted cell lines available
Sf-900™ III SFMSuspension Sf9, Sf21 cells
(Spodoptera frugiperda)
XXXSf9 Cells
Sf21 Cells
Express Five®  SFM*
Suspension BT1-TN-5B1-4 insect cellsXXHigh Five™ Cells
Sf-900™ II SFM*Suspension Sf9, Sf21 cells
(Spodoptera frugiperda), TN368 cells (Trichoplusia ni)
XXSf9 Cells
Sf21 Cells

All three media used for the growth and maintenance of cells in the baculovirus expression vector systems (BEVS) for adherent or suspension culture. Also for large-scale production of recombinant proteins expressed by BEVS

*Drug Master File Available.
Note: Cell lines from different sources, and different clones of the same cell line, may have highly specific nutritional requirements and may therefore prefer one medium over another. More than one medium formulation (if available) should be evaluated to determine the best option.