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Advance your research with proven cell culture instruments and equipment, including CO2 incubators, biological safety cabinets, general purpose centrifuges, lab refrigerators and freezers, automated cell counters, and cell imaging systems.

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Discovery thrives in a culture of confidence. More scientists worldwide trust their valuable cultures to Thermo Scientific CO2 incubators than any other brand.


Biological Safety Cabinets

Protection that never takes a day off. Thermo Scientific biological safety cabinets (BSC) offer the certified performance and protection that stays with you every day. Not true with ordinary cabinets.

General purpose centrifuges

Accelerate your research and everyday sample processing. Achieving 4L capacity in a 3L footprint or up to 40 x 50 mL conical tubes, our general purpose centrifuges are designed for solid performance and consistent results.

Automated cell counters

Put an end to tedious and time-wasting manual cell counting. Choose from two high-performance automated cell counters that are designed to meet the needs of any lab.

EVOS Cell Imaging System

Whether analyzing fluorescent or non-fluorescent cells, these simple, yet affordable instruments all have small footprints to fit either right in your hood or next to the incubator.

General purpose water bath

Support your cell culture application with Precision General Purpose water baths, designed to maintain water temperature from ambient to 100°C with a range from 2L to 28L, including shallow models.

Water purification systems

Smart H2O for you and your science. Pure water is elemental to the success of your research. Find the right water system that supports your science and budget.


laboratory refrigerators

Designed to safely store media, reagents and other important material for cell culture.. Our laboratory-grade refrigerators offer key differences from domestic, retail, or catering storage units.

Thermo Scientific CO2 Incubator Selector App

With so many choices, which CO2 incubator should you choose? Based on your cell culture applications, needs, or preferences, our selector can help you decide on the best incubator for your lab.

Let us help you choose the ideal incubator to fit your unique needs while discovering why more scientists trust Thermo Scientific CO2 incubators to any other brand.

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