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Reasons to use cell culture media bags

Gibco universal cell culture bags offer flexible packaging that allows you to integrate a single-use, disposable large volume media container with a wide variety of automated cell culture instruments, disposable bioreactor systems, and sterile connection processes, without the need for costly customization.

Explore the many benefits of using Gibco cell and tissue culture bags in your lab:

  • Disposable bags conveniently pre-filled with Gibco media in a variety of formulations and sizes
  • Specifically designed to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Easily integrate with most systems: universal design provides multiple connection options
  • Stocked and ready when you need them

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Features and benefits of Gibco cell culture bags

Diagram showing the different tubing and ports on a Gibco universal cell culture media bag

Figure 4.  Four-port design of Gibco culture bag.

Flexible design

Gibco universal cell culture media bags are available with multiple mechanical connection methods that offer:

  • Four-port design flexibility (Figure 4)
    1. Female-threaded Luer
    2. Blood spike
    3. Male-threaded Luer
    4. MPC quick connect
  • Media transfer system versatility—closed system maintained by utilizing three pre-connected C-Flex tubing transfer lines
  • Greater flow rate flexibility through a variety of tubing sizes (ID x OD, below)
    • 1/8” x 1/4” (3.2 mm x 6.4 mm)
    • 3/16” x 5/16” (4.8 mm x 7.9 mm)
    • 3/8” x 5/8” (9.5 mm x 15.9 mm)
  • Compatibility with the most commonly used thermoplastic tubing for sterile and aseptic connection devices
  • Translucent, animal origin-free film
  • Extra long tubing: 40 in (101 cm) workable tubing lengths

Ultralow density polyethylene (PE) contact layers

The product contact layer of the Gibco universal cell culture media bag is ultralow density polyethylene and has the following benefits:

  • Robust, clear, and animal-origin free film
  • Single-ply co-extruded film structure
  • Extremely low extractable and leachable profile
  • Superior gas transmission barrier properties
  • Consistent film across every bag size (1–1,000 L)

Tech summary

Physical propertyDimensionValue (before/after gamma sterilization)*Procedure
Haze%5 / 5ASTM D-1003
Clarity%98 / 98ASTM D-1003
Transmittance%93 / 93ASTM D-1003
Tensile strength at breakMPa14 / 13ASTM D-882
Elongation at break%280 / 300ASTM D-882
Elastic modulusMPa370 / 350ASTM D-882
Break at cold temperatureºCBelow –45 / below –45ISO 8570
Densityg/cm30.9ASTM D-792
Water vapor transmission rate**g/( / 0.32ASTM F-1249
Oxygen permeability**cm3/(<0.05 / <0.05ASTM D-3985
Carbon dioxide permeability**cm3/(<0.2 / <0.2ASTM F-2476
Film thickness0.325 mm  
*Gamma sterilization dose 25 kGy (except parameters marked ** received 50 kGy)

Conformity specs

(A-IR spectrophotometry)
Pass (≤4%)Pass
Appearance of solution S1
Acidity or alkalinity
≤1.5 mL 0.01 N NaOH
≤1.0 mL 0.01 N HCl
Pass (0.60 mL)
Pass (0.40 mL)
UV absorbance (220-340 nm)
Pass (0.01)
Reducing substances
≤0.5 mL
Pass (0.20 mL)
Extractable aluminum
≤1 ppm
Extractable zinconium
≤ 0.1 ppm
Extractable chromium
≤0.05 ppm
Extractable heavy metals
≤2.5 ppm
Extractable titanium
≤1 ppm
Extractable vanadium
≤0.1 ppm
Extractable zinc
≤1 ppm
Extractable zirconium
≤0.1 ppm
Sulphated ash
Pass (0.02%)
Substances soluble in hexane
Antioxidants (max. 3)
Amides and stearates

Physiochemical specs

Nonvolatile residue
USP <661>≤15 mgPass
Residue on ignition
USP <661>≤5 mg
Heavy metals
USP <661>
<2 ppm
Buffering capacity
USP <661>
≤10 mL

Biocompatibility specs

Elution test
USP <87>Pass
Systemic injection test
USP <88>Class VI
Intracutaneous test
USP <88>
Class VIPass
Buffering capacity
USP <88>
Class VIPass

Gas transmission rates

Lower is better
The Gibco PE film demonstrates significantly lower gas transmission rates in comparison to other cell and tissue culture bags on the market.
Bar graph comparing gas transmission rates for Gibco cell culture bags compared to other culture bags on the market
Figure 1.Gas transmission rates of Gibco PE film compared to other culture bags on the market.

Gibco PE film construction

Diagram showing the structure of Gibco PE film 
  1. 50 μm Polyethylene
  2. 10 μm Adhesive layer
  3. 20 μm Ethyl vinyl alcohol (gas barrier)
  4. 10 μm Adhesive layer
  5. 230 μm Ultra low-density polyethylene (contact layer)
Figure 2.Structure of Gibco PE film.

Gibco PE film pH stability

A shelf life stability study was conducted over a 19 month period for CD-CHO, DMEM, and FreeStyle 293. Media packaged in the Gibco PE film remains within pH specification limits.

Three line graphs showing shelf life stability of pH for different types of media packaged in Gibco PE film

Figure 3.Results of shelf life stability study examining pH in CD-CHO, DMEM, and FreeStyle 293 media packaged in Gibco PE film.


Design your own custom solution

Our knowledgeable packaging experts and technical specialists are ready to assist you in:

  • Designing your own custom cell culture bags
  • Achieving efficient, on-site processing capabilities
  • Getting the technical assistance you need, when you need it

In addition, explore our media customization services for information on customized components, packaging, and QC testing.

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