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Great product performance can be made better by convenient features that make it easier for you to do your work. We’re constantly innovating ways to give you both—the performance you need and the convenience you want. The Thermo Fisher Scientific trusted brands of Gibco, Invitrogen and Nunc are optimized and evaluated to help you achieve improved productivity for almost any step of your cell culture research.


Read more about how our media, FBS (sera), and plastics are validated together to help ensure you have the confidence to culture your cells with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Empowering your research goals


We are dedicated to delivering products that serve the research needs of our customers. Gibco, Invitrogen, and Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture products are designed to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in cell culture, to help you confidently pursue groundbreaking discoveries and transformative breakthroughs. 


Explore how our cell culture products can help you meet sustainability goals and move your research farther, faster with innovative solutions. Discover the right suite of products for your cell line of interest with the Cell Culture Select tool.

Find the right media

Use the interactive Gibco Media Formulation Tool.

Designed for sustainability

Enabling sustainability in your cell culture workflow.

Cell Biology Innovations

Upgrade your research with these optimized solutions.

Nunc Surface Cell Line Data

Discover how your cells thrive in Nunc cell culture plastics.

One Cell Bio product handbook

Discover the power trio

Nunc cell culture plastics, Gibco media and FBS are a proven combination for happy cells—and happy scientists.  Use the links below to access our extensive portfolio of cell culture products.

Explore these featured products designed for convenience that enable you to proceed with your research with little effort or difficulty.

Media so uncool, it’s room temp

Gibco BenchStable media are free from cool, dark places. Keep them right in the cell culture room, without sacrificing performance.

Join the aliquot-free revolution

The Gibco One Shot FBS 50 mL bottle is designed to help improve your results and solve challenges that may be slowing down your research.

Easy plastics for easier experiments

Thermo Scientific Nunc EasYFlask and EasYDish cell culture plastics were designed for easy handling and were validated with Gibco media.

Try these Selection Tools to help find the right product for your research

iMatch Sera Lot Matching Tool

This unique tool helps you to find the right match. Provide your previous Gibco FBS lot number or answer a few quick questions to find your ideal match.

Media Formulation Tool

Find the right Gibco media formulation with this interactive tool. Compare basal media side-by-side for DMEM, DMEM/F-12, MEM and RPMI-1640.


Try the TransfectionSelect product selection tool to get recommendations for the right Invitrogen or Gibco solutions for high-efficiency transfection.

Switch-to-Nunc Reference Tool

Find direct replacements for Corning™, Costar™, Falcon™, Eppendorf™, Sarstedt™, and Greiner™ cell culture plastics.

Recombinant Protein Selection Tool

Search Recombinant proteins from trusted brands. Filter by protein name, species, expression system, application, and product grade.

Cell Staining Tool

Stain your own cell using our cell staining tool, for reproducible results with many of our signature fluorescent dyes.

Resources & support


Cell Culture & Transfection Learning Center

Access cell culture and transfection educational resources for better experiment planning and execution.


Gibco Cell Culture Basics
Learn the fundamentals of cell culture for achieving consistent results, including laboratory setup, safety, and aseptic techniques.


Cell Culture & Transfection Support Center

Find technical support recommendations for your cell culture and transfection workflows, including tips for experimental setup and in-depth troubleshooting help.


Need technical support?
Contact our expert team for technical and application support of laboratory products.