Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Why is Invitrogen switching to a new film?
A:    Invitrogen has a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.  Based on feedback from customers, we designed a bag portfolio using a consistent film across all sizes.  We also achieved a new film superior in function to other commercially available films.

2.   When will I start to receive bags with the new film?

A:    We will begin production in the new film starting in February, 2010.  You may continue to receive product with the original film until our stock is depleted.  We expect to have all product in the new Gibco® PE film by mid year.

3.   What are the benefits of the new Gibco
® PE film?

A:  The commercially available film is a very clear, multi-layered single web film with a polyethylene contact surface that can be made into a wide range of bag sizes (250mL – 1,000L).  In addition, the film is a market leader with exceptional gas barrier properties with very low extractable and leachable results.
4.  Does this mean there are changes to the formulations?

A:  No.  There is no change to the product formulation inside the bag and the new Gibco® PE film will not affect media properties or effectiveness.  All products are still manufactured at our Gibco® production sites in Grand Island, NY or Paisley, Scotland.

5.   Will anything else change with the bags?

A:  The shape and design of the existing bag will remain constant.  All tubing and fittings of the universal bags will remain in place to offer a wide range of connection options. 

The outer package of the new bags has been improved to provide more support and structure for transportation and storage.  Your bag will now ship in all brown, 100% recyclable, heavyweight corrugated box.

We have also added some additional formulas as stocked catalog products.  We will now sell Freestyle 293 and CD CHO in the universal bags with the Gibco® PE film.

6.   In what size package will my bags ship?

A:  Each bag size will arrive in a specific heavyweight corrugated box designed for shipment
           5L – 12” x 14.25” x 5.5”
         10L – 13” x 23.5” 6.125”
         20L – 15” x 24” x 6.125”

7.   What sized bags are currently available?

A:  Large size bags are currently available with a continued release of additional sizes throughout the year.  We plan to start filling select formulas in the 5, 10, and 20 liter bags starting in Q1 2010 and will have a rolling launch of all catalog offered formulas.

8.   Will Invitrogen continue to support other films?

A:  Yes.  Although we feel that the Gibco® PE film exceeds many of the technical properties of the other available films, Invitrogen will continue to offer and support the other currently available films through custom orders.

9.   Will my previous custom configuration change to the new film?

A:  No.  All custom re-orders in the small bags will use the same film/bag as your original order.  If you would like to switch to the new film, please let us know during the order process and we will accommodate your request.

10.  What will I have to do differently?

A:  Nothing.  The catalog numbers will remain the same and you will continue to get your orders as usual.  Each formula may be available in the new film at different times, but the change will occur automatically with no action needed on your part.

11.  Can I find out what products are on stability and specifically if my product is?

A:  We can share with you our list of products on stability. However, we do not put all products on stability – only representative formulations. 

12.  What does this change ultimately mean to me?

Gas transmission rates:
  The Gibco® PE film has superior transmission rates when compared to other commercially available films.

Bag size flexibility:  You will now be able to receive a wider range of bag sizes using the same film which makes scale up easier for you.  The ability to scale up will allow you to receive different sized bags without you having to validate multiple films.

Documentation:   The documentation for the Gibco® PE film exceeds many others.  It includes USP Class VI, leachable, extractable, gas permeation, biological and physical property to name a few.

Clarity:  The clarity of this film is much better than multi-webbed films and most single web films.

Contact layer:  The Gibco® PE film has a polyethylene contact layer.