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Find the right Gibco media formulation for DMEM, DMEM/F-12, MEM and RPMI-1640.

We are dedicated to providing quality Gibco cell culture media products that meet all of your research needs.

Use our interactive Media Formulation tool below to compare basal media side-by-side. First choose your media, and then choose specific modifications to find the right match for your experiment. Easily compare selected media with the download feature for your future reference.

Cell culture media best practices

Here are a few simple tips & tricks to help ensure your cell culture media are maintained for optimal performance.

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If refrigerated, warm your cell culture media before use. Your cells would be cold at 2–8°C, and you would be too!

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Keep your cell culture media protected from light. Light exposure degrades the essential vitamins in media that your cells need to grow.

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Once you have supplemented the cell culture media with FBS, place the complete media into the refrigerator (2–8°C ) to maintain performance.

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Use your supplemented media within 2–4 weeks to reduce the chances of contamination and the impact of pH drift.

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Gibco cell culture products are manufactured in facilities that are compliant with current good manufacturing practices (GMP) for medical devices and adheres to a robust quality management system.

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We are committed to delivering products that serve the research needs of our customers, while striving to develop them in a way that minimizes our use of natural resources and our impact on the environment.

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