• Improve growth performance for sensitive cell types
  • Contains GlutaMAX supplement, for added convenience and higher cell viabilityImprove growth performance for sensitive cell types
  • Improve growth performance for sensitive cell types
  • Contains GlutaMAX™ supplement, for added convenience and higher cell viability

Enhance Growth of Non-Robust Cell Types

Certain mammalian cell lines can be difficult to culture in standard basal medium, reaching low viability and cell densities. The enriched formulation of SensiCell media allows these cells to grow healthier and last longer (Figure 1) with improved functional assay performance (Figure 2), enhancing cell performance and reducing costs. For sensitive cell lines, standard serum supplementation is recommended. Serial adaptation is not required in most instances, but may be required depending on the specific cell type.

Quote from Beta Tester

I received a test sample of SensiCell media and I couldn’t believe the difference. After just two passages my cells were much healthier and exhibited superior morphology compared to control media. I would recommend trying SensiCell™ to anyone who deals with difficult to handle cell lines.

Performance Data

Figure 1. Cell lines that can be difficult to culture display superior growth performance in SensiCell media compared to standard media. Viable cell density (solid lines) and viability (dashed lines) of three difficult-to-culture cell lines in SensiCell media versus standard basal media: (A) (B) HL-60, human acute promyelocytic leukemia cell line. (C) Caco-2, colorectal adenocarcinoma, and (D) ST-486, Burkitt’s lymphoma cell line.


Figure 2. ST-486 Burkitt’s lymphoma cells cultured in SensiCell media with 10% FBS display an increased apoptotic response to TRAIL ligand and greater assay signal-to-noise ratio compared to cells cultured in standard media. ST-486 cells were treated with different concentrations of TRAIL ligand for 40 hours followed by assessment of viable cells using a bioluminescent cell viability reagent. Cells maintained in SensiCell media show both an increased sensitivity to ligand as well as an improvement in overall signal-to-noise ratio of the assay.