Gibco Sera Product Categories - Science Research Areas

  Standard Performance Performance Plus Secure Specialty
CellsRobust cell linesCommon cell linesBroad range of cells including sensitive cell linesCell culture requiring lowest viral riskSensitive cells
Endo Specs / Product AttributeSpec <50 EU/mL Spec <10 EU/mL Spec <5 EU/mL plus biochemical and hormonal testing </=10 EU/mL*
Sourced from BSE-free region
Specialty process of assay qualified

*for fetal bovine and donor bovine sera

Science Research Area Standard Performance Performance Plus Secure Specialty
Cancer Research     
Cell Banking     
Cell Signaling Pathway Research     
Drug Screening     
Gene or Cell Therapy     
IVD Markers     
Molecular Biology     
Neurobiology Research     
Protein Expression     
Stem Cell Research     
Tissue Engineering     
Toxicology Research     
Virus / Plasmid Expression     

Disclaimer: Sera selections are to serve merely as a general recommendation. Please note that each research area listed may include a specific application that requires an alternative sera selection. Each user remains solely responsible to ensure that the selected sera is appropriate and suitable for his or her purpose.