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Heat-inactivated FBS: a convenient, high-quality serum product trusted by scientists worldwide

Gibco heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (HI FBS) is one of the highest-quality serum products from the brand most trusted by scientists worldwide. Thermo Fisher Scientific uses a controlled, validated heat-inactivation process, saving researchers the time and risk of heat inactivating serum themselves.

  • Heated for 30 minutes at 56°C with mixing to inactivate complement proteins that are part of the immune response
  • Especially suited for immunological work
  • Intended for researchers who want to avoid confounding effects, for example in immune response studies and immune cell culture

When is heat inactivation of serum necessary?

Heat inactivation of fetal bovine serum can be used to inactivate complement proteins in the serum. Complement proteins are components of the innate immune system that contribute to inflammation and can opsonize pathogens. In addition to interacting with pathogens directly, complement proteins can also bind antibody-antigen complexes [1]. Interactions between complement proteins and antibodies may interfere with the binding of target molecules in immunoassays, making the inactivation of serum complement proteins a necessary step in certain immunological applications [2].

Importantly, heat inactivation of serum must be performed carefully to avoid the destruction of growth-promoting factors.

Robust quality standards are maintained in heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum

Results from biochemical, hormonal profile, bacterial, and fungal testing are virtually unchanged in Gibco heat-inactivated FBS when compared to regular FBS products. You can expect the same robust quality standards to be met, including endotoxin and hemoglobin levels.

In addition, try heat-inactivated FBS in the popular Gibco One Shot 50 mL bottle, which enables you to stop aliquoting and end the freeze-thaw cycles. To learn more, explore the many benefits of One Shot FBS.

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