Heat-Inactivated Fetal Bovine Serum

Our heat-inactivated FBS is one of the highest-quality serum products from the brand most trusted by scientists worldwide

  • Heated for 30 minutes at 56°C with mixing to inactivate complement proteins that are part of the immune response
  • Heat-inactivated serum is especially suited for immunological work
  • Intended for researchers who want to avoid confounding effects, for example in immune response studies using immune cell culture
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Heat-inactivated, Premium FBS reports out the same biochemical, hormonal profile, bacterial and fungal testing as our (regular) Premium FBS

  • Lowest level of endotoxin, ≤5 EU/mL
  • Hemoglobin ≤30 mg/dL

Gibco heat-inactivated FBS is now available in our popular Gibco One Shot 50 mL bottle, which enables you to stop aliquoting and avoid bath time in, yes, just one shot.

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For Research Use or Further Manufacturing Use only. Serum and blood proteins are not for direct administration into humans or animals.