Introducing the new One Shot FBS 50 mL bottle—
an aliquot-free solution to minimize contamination and variability.

The new Gibco™ One Shot™ FBS 50 mL bottle is designed to significantly improve your results and solve the myriad challenges slowing down your research.
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End aliquoting

By aliquoting your FBS into 50 mL conical tubes, you increase the chances of compromising your results. The One Shot FBS 50 mL bottle’s size and design eliminates that step, putting you in control of your time, contamination risk, and volume consistency.

Pour and pipette with ease

The bottle’s wide mouth and chamfered edge enable smooth, burp-free pouring. And, unlike with the current One Shot bottle, you can use a 25 and/or 50 mL pipette. Whichever way you go, you’ll get to every last drop. 

Stop the freeze-thaw-repeat cycle

Skipping the aliquot step means you only have to freeze then thaw your FBS once—saving considerable time and effort. And bottles are engineered to withstand freezing, so they won’t crack and pop their lids like conical tubes often do.

End labeling mishaps

Missing SKU or Lot numbers, expiration dates, origin—or even the entire label—can cause a chain reaction of problems. The new One Shot bottle has an easy-to-read package label, so you know exactly what you’re using. 

Free up freezer space

The new One Shot FBS package design is optimized to ease the burden on your freezer capacity.

In fact, the new One Shot 10 x 50 mL carton allows you to store up to 35 liters more FBS in an average 20 ft. freezer than our current 40 x 50 mL One Shot carton and 57 liters more than our 100 mL bottle.

Pack the rack

Your test tube racks aren’t just for conical tubes anymore. The new One Shot FBS 50 mL bottle fits perfectly in most test tube racks—including strong, durable 30 mm Nalgene Unwire Racks. So you get the convenience of fit in an easy-pour, easy-store, aliquot-free bottle.

Create less waste

The One Shot FBS 50 mL bottle generates 33% less waste than aliquoting from 500 mL bottles (Table 1). By using less plastic, less petroleum feedstock is consumed, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions are generated. In the lab, a typical customer using 20 L of FBS per year would get back almost 7 hours and generate 7 lbs less plastic waste by choosing One Shot FBS. This is a significant benefit both to lab productivity and the environment.

Table 1. Comparison of plastic waste generated by aliquoting FBS vs. using One Shot FBS 50 mL bottles. The old method of preparing aliquots from a 500 mL bottle of FBS generates 238.5 g of plastic waste, compared to only 159.0 g using the new method (One Shot FBS 50 mL bottles). The new method results in a 33% reduction in total plastic waste.

Old method Step in procedure Plastic required Weight (g) Total plastic weight (g)
Aliquot from 500 mL bottle Original container 1 x 500 mL bottle 79.4  
Aliquot to conicals 1 x 25 mL serological pipette 18.8  
10 conical tubes 140.3 238.5
New method Step in procedure Plastic required Weight (g) Total plastic weight (g)
One Shot FBS 50 mL Bottles Original container 10 x 50 mL bottles 159.0 159.0
  33% waste reduction

Pair for best performance

The 50 mL bottle size is a perfect match for use with a 500 mL bottle of Gibco RPMI, DMEM, or other Gibco media. That complete media pairing will help maximize performance and reproducibility.

For questions about the One Shot FBS 50 mL bottle's specifications, contact technical services at

Available in single 50mL bottle or 10-bottle pack

The new One Shot carton configuration is 10 x 50 mL.


For Research Use or Further Manufacturing Use only. Serum and blood proteins are not for direct administration into humans or animals.